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190 - Richardson


Ebby Halliday, Realtors’ 190 - Richardson Office is a state-of-the-art facility located at State Highway 190/George Bush Turnpike at Jupiter Road. This regional office is ideally situated minutes from the new $1.5 billion CityLine mixed-use, transit-oriented development at the corner of U.S. Highway 75 and the Bush Turnpike. CityLine includes 2 million square feet of office space for State Farm Insurance as well as additional space for such prominent clients as Raytheon Corp. This world-class development will ultimately include 5 million square feet of office space, an integrated healthcare facility, nearly 4,000 multifamily units, two hotels, and 300,000 square feet of retail and restaurants. The 190 - Richardson Office is also near the internationally recognized Telecom Corridor, home to more than 600 technology firms, and the popular Firewheel Town Center. Our staff of professional, experienced Associates can assist you with new construction or pre-owned homes in rapidly expanding master-planned communities such as Firewheel Golf Community, Sherrill Park Golf Course Community, Canyon Creek Country Club, The Greens at Firewheel, Spring Park, Woodbridge, Waterview, The Retreat, Breckinridge Park, Hills of Breckinridge, Provence and many others. If you want to live in Richardson, Garland, Rowlett, Sachse, Wylie, Murphy, Plano, Allen, Lucas, Lovejoy, Parker, or North Dallas, or enjoy country living on acreage property, 190 - Richardson is the Ebby Halliday office for you. The neighborhoods we serve feature award-winning school districts, prestigious municipal golf courses and nearby parks and recreational facilities. The area’s higher-education institutions, which include The University of Texas at Richardson, provide unique opportunities for continuing adult education. Newly expanded health care facilities, including Methodist Health System’s new $120 million regional hospital, also make this area very attractive to prospective residents. As a resident of this special region of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, you’ll enjoy more than 100 acres of wildflowers in parks and medians and along highways and roadways as a result of communities and businesses working together.

Manager: Malinda Brownlee Howell
Manager Voice Mail: (469) 429-7404
Manager Email:

Loan Officer: Tammie Mitchell
Loan Officer Phone: (469)330-1062


190 - Richardson Agents

  Name Phone Language Designations
Helen Baker Group Helen Baker Group (214)912-9052
Helen Baker Helen Baker (214)912-9052
Janis Bennett Janis Bennett (214)354-8618
Delanie Bitler Delanie Bitler (214)317-0342
Kimbra Brininstool Kimbra Brininstool (214)794-9348
Jim Brown Jim Brown (214)470-4077
Woody Brownlee Woody Brownlee (972)989-9550 ABR, CRS, CSP, GRI, RFC, SRES
Cindy Bryant Cindy Bryant (214)450-4101 GRI, SRES
Lori Cox Lori Cox (214)676-5123
Pam Crum Pam Crum (972)743-9232 CRS, SRES
Cummings-Wiessing Group Cummings-Wiessing Group (214)957-7153
Shana Cummings-Wiessing Shana Cummings-Wiessing (214)543-5559
Marsha Cummings Marsha Cummings (214)957-7153 CRS, SRES
Sondra Daniels Sondra Daniels (214)850-3156
David Daniels David Daniels (214)850-3156 SFR, RFC
Matt Doden Matt Doden (214)668-1728
John Elliott John Elliott (214)704-4040
Lushell Fisher Lushell Fisher (214)796-6355 ABR, GRI, SFR
Tracy Frassetto Tracy Frassetto (214)883-6894 Spanish
Marilyn Frederick Marilyn Frederick (972)978-9393 GRI, CRS
Tracey Gelling Tracey Gelling (972)523-2942
Maria Gil Cabezas Maria Gil Cabezas (214)714-2836
Dana Gilbert Dana Gilbert (469)441-1678
Gooch-Grounds Group Gooch-Grounds Group (214)808-7992, (214)538-6835, (214)728-6425 SFR
Stacie Gooch Stacie Gooch (214)728-6425
Craig Griffith Craig Griffith (469)855-3516 ABR, SFR, SRS
Kim Griffith Kim Griffith (214)244-1689
Les Grounds Les Grounds (214)808-7992 SFR
Paul Grubbs Paul Grubbs (214)641-5567
Kathleen Hagler Kathleen Hagler (214)457-2581 ABR
Karen Hallman Karen Hallman (214)695-5538 ABR, GRI
Aaron Harrell Aaron Harrell (214)766-3483
Cynthia Hart Cynthia Hart (972)358-1421
Malinda Howell Malinda Howell (972)977-8060 CRB
Ginny Jameson Ginny Jameson (972)880-2716 English SFR
The Jenkins Group The Jenkins Group (214)538-0779
Carolyn Jenkins Carolyn Jenkins (214)538-0779 ABR, CRS
Jonathan Jenkins Jonathan Jenkins (214)460-6778
Ron Jenkins Ron Jenkins (214)728-1156
Marilyn Jones Marilyn Jones (972)743-0196
Rachel Jones Rachel Jones (512)748-7277
Susan Kassen Susan Kassen (214)957-1175
Carol King-Ringo Carol King-Ringo (972)754-4602
Lynne Kitchens Lynne Kitchens (972)742-9122
Susie Klimaszewski Susie Klimaszewski (214)517-0400
Sheila LaTorres Sheila LaTorres (214)215-6489 RFC, SRS
LaVenda Lee LaVenda Lee (469)688-0207 ABR, CRS, GRI
Richard Lin Richard Lin (214)435-0306 Chinese, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (traditional), Taiwanese ABR, E-PRO, SFR
Sharon Long Sharon Long (972)342-1779
Lopez Group Lopez Group (214)769-2142
Cynthia Lopez Cynthia Lopez (214)769-2142 GRI
Diego Lopez Diego Lopez (214)769-3099 English, Spanish
Mary Lowery Mary Lowery (214)208-6333
Debbie Mansfield Debbie Mansfield (214)960-8926 ABR
Liz Marsh Liz Marsh (214)636-7096
May-Kitchens Group May-Kitchens Group (214)718-5906
Charlie May Charlie May (214)718-5906 CRS, GRI
Bea McCoy Bea McCoy (972)365-5539 CRS, GRI, E-PRO
Carol McCracken Carol McCracken (972)679-2685 ABR, CRS
Chelsey Moore Chelsey Moore (214)516-5923
Rene' Natali Diebold Rene' Natali Diebold (972)672-6514
Callie Neely Callie Neely (469)878-9607
Donna Nichols Donna Nichols (972)896-8996
Karina Nunez Karina Nunez (469)682-1054 Spanish ABR
Terri Palmer Terri Palmer (972)333-4550 GRI, SRES
Gary Perry Gary Perry (972)686-7438
Gayla Plunkett Gayla Plunkett (972)896-3896
Veena Puppala Veena Puppala (214)476-7364
Keith Redelsperger Keith Redelsperger (214)538-6835 SFR
Dawn Redmond Dawn Redmond (972)689-8424 English GRI, SFR
Gina Reinert Gina Reinert (972)783-6917 ABR, SFR
Devi Remack Devi Remack (214)769-0015 English, Korean
Belinda Reyna Belinda Reyna (214)769-6896 Spanish
Shelbi Ronnau Shelbi Ronnau (972)743-1916
Julie Rynell Julie Rynell (469)254-8000 CHMS, MRP
Kim Saward Kim Saward (972)489-6694
Lori Schnier Lori Schnier (214)642-5674
Shelly Seltzer Shelly Seltzer (214)507-0581 ABR
Shelly Seltzer Group Shelly Seltzer Group (214)507-0581
Elizabeth Shine Elizabeth Shine (214)448-1155
Shubzda Group Shubzda Group (214)878-8444
Drew Shubzda Drew Shubzda (214)878-8444
Heather Shubzda Heather Shubzda (972)834-8400
Shuey Group Shuey Group (214)801-1208
Brian Shuey Brian Shuey (214)801-1208
Tracey Shuey Tracey Shuey (214)801-1209
Heather Kinder Sims Heather Kinder Sims (214)549-7978
Ann Stewart Ann Stewart (972)979-9606 English CRS, RFC
Kathy Thomas Kathy Thomas (469)429-7450
Paula S. Thompson Paula S. Thompson (214)793-4989 GRI
Tamra Torres Tamra Torres (972)414-4848
Sadie Wallace Sadie Wallace (214)642-3512 GRI, SRES
Robert Wallen Robert Wallen (972)743-0443 GRI, ABR
Stephanie Warren Stephanie Warren (214)793-7530
Jennifer Whaley Jennifer Whaley (972)333-4673
Donna Wheat Donna Wheat (972)989-8686 ABR, CRS, GRI
Jana Williams Jana Williams (972)369-9809
Charlene Woody Charlene Woody (214)914-9089
Courtney Workman Courtney Workman (214)763-4795
Karen Wydra Karen Wydra (972)768-2923 English