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Ebby's Little White House

The landmark office of Ebby Halliday, Realtors®, "Ebby's Little White House," is located five miles north of downtown Dallas, in the heart of Dallas County. The office is recognized for its outstanding group of top-producing agents, and their collective services to the community and the real estate profession. For many years these professionals have served Dallas' most elite locales. The character of the office is set by the highly skilled energetic and professionally focused individuals who call the "The Little White House" home.

When it's time for your next house, call "Ebby's Little White House."


Manager: Keith Newman 
direct line:  214-210-1533

Manager Email:


Office Administrator: Linda Callicutt
direct line:  214-210-1615

O.A. Email:


Loan Officer: Marcy Moore
Loan Officer Phone: 214-210-1600

Ebby's Little White House Agents

  Name Phone Language Designations
Patricia Alcorta Patricia Alcorta (214)299-0441 Spanish
Amberly Allen Amberly Allen (214)683-4088
Jeff Andress Jeff Andress (214)883-7432 Spanish
Angela Auld Angela Auld (817)291-5903
Lyn Baker Lyn Baker (805)624-0882
Dorothy Bell Dorothy Bell (214)210-1500 SRES
Todd Berther Todd Berther (214)264-6149
Di Brown Di Brown (469)464-7434
Karen Brown Karen Brown (214)693-1038
Mary Louise Cadigan Mary Louise Cadigan (214)207-6351
Linda Callicutt Linda Callicutt (214)632-6136 ABR, CRS, SFR
Cheryl Coney Cheryl Coney (214)616-6875
Sherri Courie Sherri Courie (469)867-6337 GRI
Laura Crowl Laura Crowl (214)210-1550 ABR, GRI
Sandy Donsky Sandy Donsky (214)458-8808 ABR, CRS, SRES
Ebby's  Urban Alliance Ebby's Urban Alliance 214-883-0653
Becky Elam Becky Elam (214)704-6333
Marsha Finney Marsha Finney (214)641-7328
Joe Gall Joe Gall (214)957-5383
Susan Gamso Susan Gamso (214)906-0355
Susan Gentry Susan Gentry (972)380-7752 SFR
Terri Gum Terri Gum (214)564-0100 ABR, GRI, SFR
Jan Haney Jan Haney (214)498-4907
Cristine Hazemy Cristine Hazemy (214)284-7770 GRI
Beth Henderson Beth Henderson (214)458-8810
Jim Hobbs Jim Hobbs (214)415-1040
Linda Jordan Hobbs Linda Jordan Hobbs (214)535-3732
The Hopkins Team The Hopkins Team (214)906-6000
Jane Hopkins Jane Hopkins (214)906-6000
Morten Hopkins Morten Hopkins (214)850-4666
Nell Anne Hunt Nell Anne Hunt (972)380-3309
Betsy Hurst Betsy Hurst (214)546-9007
Jason Hyland Jason Hyland (214)601-0015 CNE
Anita Ivancevic Anita Ivancevic (214)298-1870 Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian
Amber Kaprielian Amber Kaprielian (214)949-6435
Karen Keegan Karen Keegan (214)808-3400 SFR
Joe Kobell Joe Kobell (214)802-4433
Claire Krieger Claire Krieger (214)564-6285 Vietnamese
Lake-Gamso Team Lake-Gamso Team 214-908-2477
Stacey Lake Stacey Lake (214)908-2477
Lee Lampl Lee Lampl (214)507-0097
The Landig Group The Landig Group 214-912-0119
Greg Landig Greg Landig (214)563-9907
Nancy Landig Nancy Landig (214)912-0119 CRS
Ken Leach Ken Leach (214)727-2187 ABR, GRI
Rebecca Mason Rebecca Mason (214)437-7867 English
Marcy Moore Marcy Moore (214)417-6657
Reza Naderi Reza Naderi (214)417-0135 English, Farsi/Persian
Belinda Nelson Belinda Nelson (972)800-0066 GRI, SRS
Lou Nettle Lou Nettle (214)912-4556
Keith Newman Keith Newman (214)210-1533 ABR, CNE, CRB, SRS
Brian Parker Brian Parker (214)883-0653
Mary Perry Mary Perry (214)585-3177
Stacia Price Stacia Price (214)629-0646 ABR
Penny Rivenbark Penny Rivenbark (214)632-0805
Howard R. Roth Howard R. Roth (214)235-5034 CRS, SFR, SRES
Kelly Logsdon Rush Kelly Logsdon Rush (214)566-3034
Ron Ryan Ron Ryan (240)328-2292
Hanne Sagalowsky Hanne Sagalowsky (214)210-1530 Danish, French, German, Norwegian, Swedish ABR, CIPS, CRS, E-PRO, GRI
Amy Schultz Amy Schultz (214)914-0466 CRS, SRES, SRS
Jim Scofield Jim Scofield
Paula Wier Scofield Paula Wier Scofield (214)232-0562 SRES
Mitra Shamsa Mitra Shamsa (214)695-0006 Farsi/Persian GRI
Julie Sliva Julie Sliva (469)233-9525 GRI
Barbara Stanfield Barbara Stanfield (214)566-7635 GRI
Streiff & Williams Streiff & Williams 214-729-3595
Paula Streiff Paula Streiff (469)231-7170
Cindi Swanson Cindi Swanson (214)679-2403
Leslie Szafir Leslie Szafir (214)533-7349
Debbie Taub Debbie Taub (214)450-7075 SRES
Debbie Tolson Debbie Tolson (972)733-9686
Vetterick-Monkhouse Group Vetterick-Monkhouse Group (214)502-1884
Joanne Vetterick Joanne Vetterick (214)502-1884 GRI
Peggy Walker Peggy Walker (214)502-0443
Kenneth Walters Kenneth Walters 214-210-1531
Maria Ward Maria Ward (214)293-3817 GRI
Aynur Washington Aynur Washington
Connie Weaver Connie Weaver (972)365-5949
Kay Weeks Kay Weeks (214)676-8230 CRS, GRI
Lizzie Weeks Lizzie Weeks (214)210-1528
Gail Williams Gail Williams (214)729-3595 GRI
Rebecca Wong Rebecca Wong (972)839-1189 Chinese
Adella Woods Adella Woods (972)979-7116 GRI, SFR
Bill Zeman Bill Zeman (214)769-7222
Berther-Nelson Group Berther-Nelson Group (214)264-6149, (972)800-0066 GRI, SRS