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Ebby Halliday's Frisco office, the hub of one of the fastest-growing towns in Texas, is prominently located at the northwest corner of Legacy and Hwy. 121. With more than 100 residential building permits issued each month, our sales associates are in the perfect location to assist buyers in representing their interests in a new home purchase. If you are looking for existing homes, you can choose from a wide selection of master planned communities, historical neighborhoods, farms or ranches. Now your dream of country living without compromising big city conveniences can come true. This office serves Frisco, Plano, Allen, McKinney, Celina, Prosper, Little Elm and The Colony.

Manager: Terri Macaluso, Manager
Manager Voice Mail: (214)924-5033
Manager Email:

Loan Officer: Alex Parker
Loan Officer Phone: (972)665-1905



Frisco Agents

  Name Phone Language Designations
Korina Adams Korina Adams (972)400-8627
Farrah Akbari Farrah Akbari (972)342-9817 Farsi/Persian
Lindsay Allen Lindsay Allen (214)738-4432
Francisco Alvarez Francisco Alvarez (310)498-1840 Spanish
Esther Torres Anderson Esther Torres Anderson (972)987-0438 Spanish SRES
Ivonne Atkins Ivonne Atkins (469)766-8357 Spanish
Sharon H. Baker Sharon H. Baker (214)228-5471 CNE, SRES
Tom Baker Tom Baker (972)743-6369 MRP, SRES
Courtney Barrett Courtney Barrett (214)727-6206
Janice Berg Janice Berg (214)356-5103 CRS, ABR
Lisa Birdsong Group Lisa Birdsong Group (214)394-3314
Denny Birdsong Denny Birdsong (214)563-0010
Lisa Birdsong Lisa Birdsong (214)394-3314
Vickie Blanding Vickie Blanding (214)493-3382
Ashley Bloskas Ashley Bloskas (214)632-5615
The Bloskas Group The Bloskas Group 972-335-5996
Connor Bloskas Connor Bloskas (214)632-9177
Lisa Bloskas Lisa Bloskas (214)605-9155 GRI
Darla Bordofske Darla Bordofske (972)740-5744 ABR
Maria A. Botero Maria A. Botero (214)404-8807 Spanish
Debbie Carroll Boyce Debbie Carroll Boyce (972)571-9894
Angie Boyd Angie Boyd (972)489-3254
Stacey Boyd Stacey Boyd (214)578-1411
Joan Bradfield Joan Bradfield SRES
Cheryl Brewster Cheryl Brewster (214)207-1159
Hilarie Bursten Hilarie Bursten
Marsha Butler Marsha Butler (469)388-2818
Tonya Cain Tonya Cain (469)233-2182
Liz Carla Liz Carla (469)449-4645
Erin Carlson Erin Carlson (972)814-9532
Aimee Carmichael Aimee Carmichael (425)350-1796
Brantley Charles Brantley Charles
Wanda Charles Wanda Charles (317)674-6949 ABR, CRS, GRI
Jan Chavoya Group Jan Chavoya Group (972)965-6689 ABR, SRES, SRS
Jan Chavoya Jan Chavoya (972)965-6689 ABR
Kay Cheek Kay Cheek (972)733-8025
Roger Cheek Roger Cheek (972)467-5044
Janet Chermack Janet Chermack (469)585-7002
Billy Chrysanthopoulos Billy Chrysanthopoulos 972-865-7795
Lori Chrysanthopoulos Lori Chrysanthopoulos
Roberta Clark Roberta Clark (469)867-2859 CRS, GRI
Debbie Cooper Debbie Cooper (214)535-9067
Mary Cotroneo Mary Cotroneo (972)824-9086 ABR, GRI, SRES
Lisa Cox Lisa Cox (972)679-5037
Joyce Edmondson Joyce Edmondson (972)898-6643 SRES
Chelsea Fair Chelsea Fair
Jim Fair Jim Fair (972)523-8245
Karen Fair Karen Fair (214)707-8888
Danna Fason Danna Fason (972)743-9242
Jake Feckley Jake Feckley (214)808-3008
Stacey Feltman Group Stacey Feltman Group (214)356-8368 Spanish ABR, SRS
Stacey Feltman Stacey Feltman (214)356-8368 ABR, SRS
Susan Ferguson Susan Ferguson (972)742-2019 ABR, CNE, E-PRO, SRES
Chase Fitzgerald Chase Fitzgerald (817)291-6890
Tami Frazier Tami Frazier (214)207-2326 ABR, GRI
Jill Fugger Jill Fugger (214)535-6820
Katie Gallivan Katie Gallivan (214)529-2880 GRI, SRES
Angela Gamache Angela Gamache (972)835-1207
Kathy Gibson Kathy Gibson (972)841-8344 ABR, CRS, SFR
Kit Gibson Kit Gibson (214)629-9240
Glenn Gillock Glenn Gillock (817)681-6310
Lori Gladstone Lori Gladstone (469)980-9209 ABR, BPOR
Thomas Gooch Thomas Gooch (469)450-8047
Paulette Greene Group Paulette Greene Group (214)957-3372
Michelle Greene Michelle Greene (972)464-4003
Paulette Greene Paulette Greene (214)957-3372
Trudy Grimmer Trudy Grimmer (972)740-4399
Carolyn Harding Carolyn Harding (469)667-9332
Mary Harris Dieter Mary Harris Dieter (214)883-0503 ABR, GRI, SRES, SRS
Meredith Held Meredith Held (214)929-2601 ABR, CRS, SRES
Alicia Hieftje Alicia Hieftje (940)597-5869
Rachael Hill Rachael Hill (940)597-5869 SRES
Anna Hopkins Anna Hopkins (361)790-6567
Michele Howard Michele Howard (469)387-7950 Spanish
Rick Huntley Rick Huntley (281)650-8394
Brian H Johnson Brian H Johnson (972)877-0522 ABR, SFR, SRES
Dawn Johnson Dawn Johnson (972)342-9406
Lisa M Johnson Lisa M Johnson (214)629-5474 ABR, E-PRO
Edward Juden Edward Juden (940)594-0434
Kevin Kee Kevin Kee (832)493-2198
The Kennedy Group The Kennedy Group (972)670-3453
Cindy Kennedy Cindy Kennedy (972)670-3453
Scott Kennedy Scott Kennedy (972)804-2395
Kelsey Kirsch Kelsey Kirsch (214)205-6206
Alisa Kline Alisa Kline (214)773-7204
Debi Leavitt Debi Leavitt (972)567-9107 ABR, CRS, GRI, SRES
Cathy Lightfoot Cathy Lightfoot (469)667-7605
Shelley Limbaugh Shelley Limbaugh 469-667-6471
Lorena Locke Lorena Locke (972)342-5630
John Lundquist John Lundquist (972)345-0141
Judy Lundquist Judy Lundquist (972)978-0408 ABR, CRS, GRI
Terri Macaluso Terri Macaluso (214)924-5033
Michelle Maddox Michelle Maddox
Sylvia Maris Sylvia Maris
Marcia Mathieu Marcia Mathieu (207)939-7590 SRES
Sheree Mayer Sheree Mayer
Wendy McCormick Wendy McCormick (972)922-0910
The McCrory Team The McCrory Team (972)335-5965
Susan McCrory Susan McCrory (972)335-5933
Thomas McCrory Thomas McCrory (972)335-5965
Jen McMichael Jen McMichael (214)676-0616 ABR, ALHS, SRS
Terese McSpadden Terese McSpadden
Susan Messer Susan Messer (214)912-1938 ABR, SFR
Audra Misak Audra Misak (214)316-4415
Marzetta Morgan Marzetta Morgan (214)882-5900 ABR
Sonny Moyers Sonny Moyers (469)261-5715
David Nam David Nam
Sharon Naukam Sharon Naukam (214)552-5048
Iga Njagi Iga Njagi (972)552-0400 English, Polish
Shelly O'Connor Shelly O'Connor (214)497-5400
The O'Dea-Moyers Group The O'Dea-Moyers Group 972-464-4110
Judi O'Dea-Moyers Judi O'Dea-Moyers (469)261-7879 CRS
Monica Otis Monica Otis (214)727-3424 English ABR, E-PRO
Gail Owen Gail Owen (469)235-4485 ABR
Tom Parker Tom Parker (972)872-1785
Brenda Patton Brenda Patton (469)408-3148
Tonya Peek Group Tonya Peek Group
Tonya Peek Tonya Peek (214)356-4472 ABR, CNHS
Kim Penz Kim Penz (972)965-2404
Carolyn Phillips Carolyn Phillips (972)978-5252 CNE, SRES
Mary Jo Pope Mary Jo Pope (469)877-6733 GRI
Kim Miles Poynor Kim Miles Poynor (972)672-9918
Lisa Price Lisa Price (972)467-4676
Donna Pryor Donna Pryor (214)502-4266
David Pudik David Pudik (214)315-9009
Grace Quevedo Grace Quevedo (469)400-6858
Asha Rajagopalan Asha Rajagopalan (972)805-3895
Kal Rami Kal Rami
Kati Rank Kati Rank (469)347-2325 French, Spanish
Jill Redmond Jill Redmond (214)448-2203
Michael Reed Michael Reed (972)876-2587
Melanie Reneau Melanie Reneau (214)505-7043 Sign Language SRES
Sherry Renfroe-Mgmt&Leasing Sherry Renfroe-Mgmt&Leasing (972)380-7300
Sherry Renfroe Sherry Renfroe (214)215-4145
Anastasia Riley Anastasia Riley (972)984-0511 Russian CNE, SRS
Carmen Roberts Carmen Roberts (214)533-8444 Spanish
Ronda Roberts Ronda Roberts (972)335-5902
Jill Robertson Jill Robertson (214)534-3006
Cynthia Saenz Cynthia Saenz (972)822-0906 English, Spanish GRI
Bob Safford Bob Safford (972)754-2520
Tiffany Sharkey Tiffany Sharkey (972)977-2254 ABR
Sandra Shideler Sandra Shideler (214)927-9408
Lynn Slaney Silguero Lynn Slaney Silguero (214)668-3079 Spanish ABR, SRES
Michelle Smith Michelle Smith (972)896-4571
Sylvia A Smith Sylvia A Smith (214)563-6492 ABR, E-PRO
Joyce Storer Joyce Storer (469)233-5481
Lesa Stuart Lesa Stuart (214)986-8859 ABR, CRS, GRI
Pat Thrasher Pat Thrasher (214)551-7039
Jennifer Tollett Jennifer Tollett (214)714-1279
Cindy Torgussen Cindy Torgussen
Jackie Towers Jackie Towers
Brenda Townsley Brenda Townsley (972)824-4200
Pete Trevino Pete Trevino (214)620-6461
Shuzola Ung Shuzola Ung (214)334-7335
The Lori Vaden Group The Lori Vaden Group (214)797-1015
Lori D Vaden Lori D Vaden (214)797-1015
Valerie Van Pelt Valerie Van Pelt 972-489-8969 English
Laura Vanderpoel Laura Vanderpoel (214)460-6181 GRI, SRS, SRES
Claudia Vilfordi Claudia Vilfordi (214)460-4636
Marc Vita Marc Vita (214)578-4658 ABR, CNE, CRS
Teresa Waterman Teresa Waterman (214)298-5605 GRI, SRES
Pam Weger Pam Weger (972)335-6564 SFR
Patricia Weidler Patricia Weidler (214)636-1061
Jaime Wester Jaime Wester (817)996-0104
Lance Wiebe Lance Wiebe
Jill Wiese Jill Wiese (214)405-3299
Angel Willeford Angel Willeford (214)803-1118 ABR, ASP, GRI, SFR
Leslie Williams Leslie Williams
Cheryl Winnenberg Cheryl Winnenberg (972)333-3503
Kelly Woollett Kelly Woollett (469)438-9760
Judi Wright Judi Wright (214)597-2985 ABR
The Yeatman Team The Yeatman Team (972)679-6345
Emily Yeatman Emily Yeatman (972)467-2812 E-PRO
Jane Yeatman Jane Yeatman CNE, SFR, SRES
Debra Young Debra Young (214)924-6981
Kelly Zimmer Kelly Zimmer (214)491-9221