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Serving the area for over 30 years, Ebby Halliday's Plano office has more than 80 top Associates prepared to serve you in the Plano, Allen, Frisco, McKinney, Fairview areas. Located in the midst of Legacy Park complex, Ebby Halliday is in good company with neighbors such as EDS, J.C. Penney, Frito Lay and Dr Pepper. This office not only serves the area but is actively involved in the progress of the community and practices "civic involvement". Plano has been designed as one of the fastest-growing communities in the nation--and Ebby Halliday's Plano office is moving at an equally fast pace to ensure you receive the best residential real estate services in the area. Call us TODAY! (972) 987-3800.


Manager: Kay Wright, Mgr, CRS, GRI
Manager Voice Mail: (972)733-9161
Manager Email:

Office Administrator: Randi Matejowsky
Office Administrator Email:


Loan Officer: Kheang Eung
Loan Officer Phone: (214)697-1160



Plano Agents

  Name Phone Language Designations
Joe Vargas Group Joe Vargas Group (469)475-9145 Spanish
Lynet Abbott Lynet Abbott (214)500-0179 GRI, SRES
Tiffany Anderson Tiffany Anderson (214)475-0002 GRI
Susanne Anson Susanne Anson (972)697-3106 Swedish GRI, SFR
Sonali Badi Sonali Badi (214)449-3160
Courtney Barrett Courtney Barrett
Sean Bates Sean Bates (972)821-1607 ABR, GRI
Marie Betts Marie Betts (214)417-5017
Carol Bittner Carol Bittner (972)757-8141 GRI
Lana Blekher Lana Blekher (972)489-2902 Russian
Stephen Bowen Stephen Bowen (214)578-1025
Kelly Brand Kelly Brand (214)674-4833 ABR
Kimberly J. Bunn Kimberly J. Bunn (214)755-8848
Nakesha Clark Nakesha Clark (516)669-2312
Mickey A Cody Mickey A Cody (214)725-4001 ABR, GRI
Helen Curry Helen Curry (469)556-3038 ABR, CRS, SRES
Christy Dieterman Christy Dieterman (972)439-8039
Russell Dimmick Russell Dimmick (214)734-7599 ABR, CRS, GRI
Carolina Dusenbery Carolina Dusenbery (214)492-9311 Spanish ABR
Delores Dvorak Delores Dvorak (972)489-5313
Kheang Eung Kheang Eung (214)697-1160
Soozi Finkelstein Soozi Finkelstein (972)365-5210
Steve Finkelstein Steve Finkelstein (972)365-5211
Bobbie Flynn Bobbie Flynn (214)616-9017
John Fritz John Fritz (214)293-0341
Kathy Gable Kathy Gable (214)213-4391 GRI, CRS
Dana Glass Dana Glass (214)793-3165 CRS
Mimie Han Mimie Han (469)286-6386 Korean
Mary Jo Horner Mary Jo Horner (972)571-3434
Pam Huckabay-Chennault Pam Huckabay-Chennault (469)767-4281
Linda Jackson Linda Jackson (469)774-0244 ABR, GRI, SRES
Claudia Kelley Claudia Kelley (214)762-6769 GRI, SRES
Mary Kerr Mary Kerr (214)280-6066 GRI
Susan Kos Susan Kos (469)323-9425
Pam Lewis Pam Lewis (214)675-1477 CRS, GRI, SRES
Avaan Lieberman Avaan Lieberman (469)867-4663 ABR, CNHS, GRI, E-PRO
David Long David Long (972)567-0520 ABR, GRI, Green, RFC, SFR
Jennifer Long Jennifer Long (972)987-3800
Joyce Malamis Joyce Malamis (469)855-5003 ABR, GRI
Elizabeth Margiotta Elizabeth Margiotta (214)929-6553
Randi Matejowsky Randi Matejowsky (972)987-3802
Olive Millican Olive Millican (469)348-8863
Barbara Moore Barbara Moore (972)814-9132 ABR, CRS, E-PRO, GRI, SRES
Laura Morris Laura Morris (214)223-3389 ABR, E-PRO
Mona Mortazavi Mona Mortazavi (972)342-1788 Farsi/Persian ABR, CRS, GRI, SRES
Lena Moss Lena Moss (214)683-6507 Spanish
Lydia Murtaugh Lydia Murtaugh (214)850-3615 GRI, SRS
Dave Ogden Dave Ogden (972)841-6455 ABR
Oldham Fritz Group Oldham Fritz Group (214)534-7999,(214)293-0341 GRI, SRES
Cindy Oldham Cindy Oldham (214)534-7999 GRI, SRES
Tom Parenti Tom Parenti (214)551-2165
Madhavi Patil Madhavi Patil (469)426-5725
Vicki Perkowski Vicki Perkowski (469)628-1309 GRI
Dustin Pierson Dustin Pierson (469)386-9333 Japanese
Brenda Prescott Brenda Prescott (760)518-7737
Pegi Proffitt Pegi Proffitt (972)765-1294
Prissy Pulley Prissy Pulley (214)478-5336
Hector Ramos Hector Ramos (469)237-9843 Spanish
The Rayburn Group The Rayburn Group (972)987-3808
Bruce Rayburn Bruce Rayburn (214)802-7359 ABR, CRS, SRES
Marnee Roberts Marnee Roberts (972)754-3877 GRI
Robins Group Robins Group 972-567-2225
Jan Robins Jan Robins (972)567-2225 ABR, SRES
Milli Ruwaldt Milli Ruwaldt (214)212-1975 CRS
Kristi Schwartz Kristi Schwartz (214)755-6749
Bill Short Bill Short (214)682-8427 ABR, E-PRO, GRI
Juanita Smith Juanita Smith (214)616-9300
Soozi Finkelstein Group Soozi Finkelstein Group (972)365-5210
Debbie Stephan Debbie Stephan (972)679-7075
Karen Turner Karen Turner (214)906-2267
Joe Vargas Joe Vargas (469)475-9145 Spanish
Vicky Vargas Vicky Vargas (469)475-9659 Spanish
Lorna Vu Lorna Vu (469)400-6410 GRI
Brenda Whisenhunt Brenda Whisenhunt (214)616-1316
Erika Wood Erika Wood (214)704-3079 SRES
Kay Wright Kay Wright (972)733-9161 CRS, GRI