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Preston Center


Ebby Halliday's Preston Center Office is a vibrant and productive city office located in the heart of North Dallas serving a broad-based sphere of marketplaces including The Park Cities, Oaklawn/Uptown, East Dallas, Preston Hollow, Northwest Dallas and also serving to many neighborhoods North of LBJ Freeway.

Manager: Ginger Gill 
Manager Voice Mail: (214)725-9036
Manager Email:

Loan Officer: Alan Felch
Loan Officer Phone: (214)683-1770

Preston Center Agents

  Name Phone Language Designations
Bettie Abio Bettie Abio (214)868-8277
Elizabeth Baker Elizabeth Baker (214)244-7475 ABR, CRS, SRES
Lyn Barlow Lyn Barlow (214)232-8732 GRI
Victoria Barr Victoria Barr (214)213-2593 Spanish
Bridget Bell Bridget Bell (214)663-3247 ABR
Carolyn Albers Black Carolyn Albers Black (214)675-2089 ABR
Jason Black Jason Black (214)923-9279
Marie Blackman Marie Blackman (972)381-6031
Ryan Booth Ryan Booth (214)763-2145
Stephanie Bowen Wright Stephanie Bowen Wright (210)414-0627
Shelly Brown-Qualls Shelly Brown-Qualls (214)934-0077
Mary Ann Bryant Mary Ann Bryant (214)673-1974
Alicia Butler Alicia Butler (469)274-4736 French Member
Terry Carpenter Terry Carpenter (214)924-5460
Alvin Cooper Alvin Cooper (214)766-1890
Justin Croft Justin Croft (214)213-7200
Jeff Dater Jeff Dater (214)621-2211
Bobbie Jo Diehl Bobbie Jo Diehl (801)558-1602
Emily Donahue Emily Donahue (214)632-4796
Pamela Edwards Pamela Edwards (469)877-5631
Jan Yeager Evans Jan Yeager Evans (214)802-7777
Alan Felch Alan Felch (214)683-1770
Patti Dee Flanders Patti Dee Flanders (214)228-2863
Erikka Flom Erikka Flom (817)470-3998
Susan Foley Susan Foley (214)690-0244
Jan Folmar Jan Folmar (214)616-7985
Jay Forrester Jay Forrester (469)867-7302
Karmel Garcia Karmel Garcia (832)725-0904
Dana Garner Dana Garner (972)345-8412
Sally Gerencser Sally Gerencser (972)977-7111
Ginger Gill Ginger Gill (214)725-9036 ABR, CRB
Ray L. Gonzalez Ray L. Gonzalez (214)202-2308
Jim Harp Jim Harp (214)803-5713 SFR
Michael Hawley Michael Hawley (214)280-5266
Cristine Hazemy Cristine Hazemy (214)284-7770 GRI
Jackie Helm Jackie Helm (214)728-2884
Irma Henry Irma Henry
Alan Hopper Alan Hopper (469)360-9752
Brittney Hughes Brittney Hughes (972)787-8033
Karen Jejurikar Karen Jejurikar
Lisa Joiner Lisa Joiner (214)808-6921
Eva Kaplan Eva Kaplan (214)957-9063 ABR, GRI
Clarke Landry Clarke Landry (214)316-7416
Denise Larmeu Denise Larmeu (214)336-6687
Karey Lewis Karey Lewis (214)535-3738
J Peter Livingston J Peter Livingston (214)505-5005
Kate McCoy Kate McCoy (214)315-4609
Jan McElroy Jan McElroy (469)879-0969
Sharon Morales Sharon Morales (214)329-8389 English
Beverly Morris Beverly Morris (214)803-9612
Johnny Mowad Johnny Mowad (214)799-0339 English
David Mucha David Mucha (972)380-7900
Jude Nash Jude Nash (214)557-1533
Joe Nemmers Joe Nemmers (214)675-6610
Lou Nettle Lou Nettle (214)912-4556
Melinda Nugent Melinda Nugent (214)850-2864
Marilyn Donsky Pailet Marilyn Donsky Pailet (214)207-3123 ABR, SRES
Julie Pillans Julie Pillans (214)803-6323 SFR
Lydia Player Lydia Player (214)632-2883
Ann-Marie Pope Ann-Marie Pope (214)572-1198
Mary Poss Mary Poss (214)738-0777
Jonathan Raleigh Jonathan Raleigh (214)908-1834
Jeanne Reichert Jeanne Reichert (214)980-9809 English GRI
Judge Roark Judge Roark (214)364-9706
Linda Robertson Linda Robertson (214)263-5429
Vicki Rodgers Vicki Rodgers (214)620-9791
Genie Rousseau Genie Rousseau (469)387-9819 ABR
Nilza Rueckert Nilza Rueckert (214)460-0873 English, Portuguese, Spanish
Rob Schrickel Rob Schrickel (214)801-1795
Denise Shoemaker Denise Shoemaker (214)729-7038
Stephen Siam Stephen Siam (972)215-6925
Jordan Small Jordan Small (214)425-8448
Miesha Smith Miesha Smith (214)682-1225
Carole Steele Carole Steele (469)744-3044 ABR, SRES
Zach Stein Zach Stein (214)500-4358
Shannon Stupay Shannon Stupay (469)662-5366
Michelle Unwin Michelle Unwin (214)392-5147
Ralph VanDuzee Ralph VanDuzee (214)695-2986 ABR
Jessica Wantz Jessica Wantz (214) 572-1095
Melissa Watt Melissa Watt (214)714-3574 ABR, GRI
Celeste Williams Celeste Williams (214)502-1630