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Preston Plano Parkway


Our recently remodeled office is home to 75 friendly real estate professionals who are ready to serve you!  We are located on the west side of Plano, TX at the northwest corner of Preston Road and W. Plano Parkway,  just one block north of the President George Bush Tollway.  We serve the vibrant and diverse communities of North Dallas, Plano and Collin County including Addison, Allen, Carrollton, Fairview, Frisco, Garland, McKinney, Murphy, Parker, Prosper and Richardson.  Our market area has been heralded as one of the best places to live in the U.S. and is also one of the fastest growing!  That’s why corporations like Ericsson, Rent-A-Center, JC Penney, Frito-Lay, Cinemark and Dr. Pepper/Snapple call our area home.  Whatever your price range, we can meet your needs.  Call our office today to meet with one of our REALTOR® Associates. 


Manager: Bill Tucker, CRS, GRI                  
Manager Voice Mail: (972)735-9600        
Manager Email:

Loan Officer: Park Bishop
Loan Officer Phone: (214)726-2357

Preston Plano Parkway Agents

  Name Phone Language Designations
Linda Ault Linda Ault (214)415-4739 ABR
Danielle Baines Danielle Baines (469)243-6703
Sharon Baker Sharon Baker (972)333-3024 ABR, CRS, GRI
Holt Barber Holt Barber (972)795-3636 CRS
Barnard Group Barnard Group 214-686-0119
Gene Barnard Gene Barnard (214)425-6400
Barbara Barnett Barbara Barnett (214)957-8833 SRES,
Carole Beasley Carole Beasley (972)248-5512 French
Kris Blank Kris Blank (972)740-4665
Carol Brady Carol Brady (972)733-9680
Chuck Brodnax Chuck Brodnax (972)733-5079
Norvell Brown Norvell Brown (214)417-8262
Cathy Browne Cathy Browne (214)733-1555 ASP, SRS
The Butcher Group The Butcher Group (469)877-7587
John Butcher John Butcher (214)415-9787
Nikki Butcher Nikki Butcher (469)877-7587
Olga Clayton Olga Clayton (972)679-1219 CRS, GRI
Maria Clohessy Maria Clohessy (214)394-9133
Miley Curgus Miley Curgus
Judie Curry Judie Curry (469)471-2507
Loretta Davis Loretta Davis (214)460-4635 ABR, CRS, GRI
Pam Downing Pam Downing (972)979-5500
Betsy Doyle Betsy Doyle (214)850-0403
Barbara Erkie Barbara Erkie (972)979-4295 CRS, GRI
PJ Evans PJ Evans (469)360-3071
Sarah S Fallin Sarah S Fallin (972)672-9852
Paulette Fierle Paulette Fierle (972)689-5359 GRI
Stephanie Fontenot Stephanie Fontenot (972)489-4887 SRS
Pari Foroodi Pari Foroodi (214)803-0093 Farsi/Persian ABR, CRS, E-PRO
Kathy Fulmer Kathy Fulmer (972)248-5705
Joel Gabrelow Joel Gabrelow (214)585-2422
Mitchell Gropper Mitchell Gropper (214)454-6278
Sil J Guzman Sil J Guzman (214)676-2874 Spanish ABR
John Hancock John Hancock (972)822-0699
Mollie Hancock Mollie Hancock (972)978-1710
Patty Hanzl Patty Hanzl (972)489-1675
Michelle Johnson Michelle Johnson (214)354-9675
Roxanne Johnson Roxanne Johnson (972)849-3005
Beth Kuettel Beth Kuettel (972)333-9416
Debby Lane Debby Lane (972)822-7675 GRI, SRES
Lynda Leverett Lynda Leverett (214)533-5204
Julie Lewis Julie Lewis (972)897-6506 ABR, GRI, SFR
Robin Light Robin Light (214)552-5969 GRI, SRS
Sarah Liu Sarah Liu (972)743-4635 Chinese
Karen Mackanos-Long Karen Mackanos-Long (214)212-9195
Prissy Maher Prissy Maher (214)563-2855
Rhonda McCracken Rhonda McCracken (214)850-0696
Becky McRee Becky McRee (214)215-0724
Karen Murvin Karen Murvin (972)965-5202 ABR, CRS, E-PRO, GRI, SFR
Jay Newton Jay Newton (972)741-0887
Jim Newton Jim Newton (214)505-3918
Samantha Reid Samantha Reid (214)357-3281
Starr Reimer Starr Reimer (214)457-5452 SRES
Carol Richtsmeier Carol Richtsmeier (469)693-1216
Victoria Rippner Victoria Rippner (972)816-3313 E-PRO, SFR
Renee Rubin Renee Rubin (214)684-2776
Michael Saba Michael Saba
Ryan Sabel Ryan Sabel (972)333-3015
Kalah Schaulin Kalah Schaulin (214)460-9407 CRS
Kathy & Mike Schepis Group Kathy & Mike Schepis Group (214)282-7287 E-PRO, GRI, Green
Kathy Schepis Kathy Schepis (214)282-7287 E-PRO, GRI, Green
Mike Schepis Mike Schepis (469)316-0750
Karen Sharp Karen Sharp (972)467-8231
Leslie Shaunfield Leslie Shaunfield (972)467-3825 ASP, SRS
Charlene Shippy Charlene Shippy (972)742-6612
Janet Shone Janet Shone (214)356-4644 ABR, CRS, GRI, RFC
Barbara Piram Smith Barbara Piram Smith (469)503-1060 ABR, SRES
Susie Somers Susie Somers (972)741-4934 CRS, GRI, SRES
Julie Stauss Julie Stauss (214)808-8864
Lyne Stephens Lyne Stephens (214)244-3432
Tammy Tallent Tammy Tallent (972)989-7262
The Taylor Team The Taylor Team (214)585-2422  (214)592-2080
Carol Taylor Carol Taylor (214)592-2080
Sophia Tolk Sophia Tolk (972)333-8855 Polish RFC, SFR, SRS
The Trayler Group The Trayler Group (214)502-9259
Donna Trayler Donna Trayler (214)502-9259 ABR
Troop Group Troop Group (214)762-8152
Drew Troop Drew Troop (214)762-8152
Tim Troop Tim Troop (214)415-8880
Bill C. Tucker Bill C. Tucker (972)740-0000 CRB, CRS, GRI
Karen Vernon Karen Vernon (469)867-9130
Donna Walker Donna Walker (469)323-0434
Joe Washburn Joe Washburn (972)978-5307 GRI
Linda Wasserman Linda Wasserman (972)989-0361 English, Spanish
Rebecca Williams Rebecca Williams (214)724-6947
JoAnn Wilson JoAnn Wilson (972)571-1573 ABR, CRS, SRES
Cheryl Winnenberg Cheryl Winnenberg (972)333-3503
Mark Young Mark Young (214)641-3023
Stacey Zimmerman Stacey Zimmerman (469)865-3656 GRI, RFC, SFR