We aren’t the only ones tired of the doom and gloom headlines showing up about the current real estate market. The Wall Street Journal recently chimed in with a great article pointing out the top 10 reasons you should buy a home.

Their tips came in direct response to a recent TIME Magazine cover announcing that homeownership may no longer make economic sense. WSJ points out that just a few years ago, the cover of TIME Magazine claimed just the opposite, with a sub-headline of “Why we’re going gaga over real estate”.

Among the WSJ’s top 10 reasons are the fact that there are many good deals to be had right now – you’ll probably be able to afford a much nicer home than you thought, mortgage rates are incredibly low, and, sooner or later, the market is going to clear, so now is the time to act.

So enough with the summary, check out the full article right now at WSJ.com.

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