The following was sent to the entire Ebby Halliday Family of Companies organization from President & CEO Mary Frances Burleson. From current media headlines, many think the sky truly is falling. But check out these great quotes from leading experts about the state of our economy and the real estate market:

Leading experts agree the economy and the real estate markets are improving:

“The US economy has been ‘sunnier’ for quite some time. The recession officially ended in late spring of 2009, and the economy is now officially in recovery.” – Harvey Rosenblum, Executive VP, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

“I have become more optimistic about the future outlook for home sales since March 2010. Today is a ‘once in a lifetime opportunity to buy’ real estate.” – Mark Dotzour, Chief Economist, Real Estate Center at Texas A&M

“New home starts are stronger in Texas – Houston is #1 in the nation, Dallas/Ft. Worth #2; four of the top ten areas are in Texas.” – David Brown, Director, Metrostudy

“The data increasingly illustrates the economy and markets are recuperating.” – Jeb B. Terry, President, Aberdeen Investment Management, LLC

Today is an exceptional time to buy real estate in the Dallas/Fort Worth area – historically low interest rates, moderate home values, and a broad selection of property on the market.

Don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity!

Mary Frances

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