You read that right. The top six Sales Associates for Ebby Halliday, Realtors sold a combined 505 homes last year for a sales volume of almost $251 million. Bravo.

That’s why last week, these six individuals and their office managers were guests of honor at the annual President’s Luncheon hosted by Company President & CEO Mary Frances Burleson along with Founder & Chairman of the Board Ebby Halliday, CFO Ron Burgert and Executive Vice President & Director of Sales Offices Betty Misko. Attendees were:

Cindy O’Gorman
2011 Companywide Top Group
The O’Gorman Group
Preston Keller Office

Paulette Greene
2011 Companywide Top Group Runner up
The Paulette Greene Group
Frisco Office

Martha Morguloff & Danna Morguloff-Hayden
2011 Companywide Top Team
Preston Keller Office

Dee Evans
2011 Companywide Top Individual
Rockwall Office

Kathy Lakatta
2011 Companywide Top Individual Runner Up
Mansfield Office

The informal luncheon was held at the newly renovated Dallas Country Club in Highland Park, and served as a rare and valuable opportunity for these top Associates to come together. The overriding theme of the conversation was the strength of the current real estate market – and business is good. Really good. The attendees echoed what we’ve been hearing for weeks – there are many buyers in the current market but a shortage of available inventory. Translation: if you’ve been considering listing your home for sale, now is probably an ideal time. In fact, Kathy Lakatta who was honored as the Runner Up Top Individual Associate Companywide for 2011 was unable to attend the luncheon for fear of her buyer client possibly losing a home they were interested in. Yes, it seems we’re entering a seller’s market!

To see more photos from the 2011 President’s Luncheon (plus an inside glimpse into the newly remodeled Dallas Country Club, which opened with a black tie gala the night before), visit the Ebby Halliday Facebook Page.

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