Luxury homes typically have two things, chef-worthy kitchens and spa-like bathrooms. On this edition of Feature We Love we’re talking about the latter. Many amenities can make a bathroom feel luxurious, but a fireplace takes things to another level.


Just imagine a warm, beautiful fire in your bathroom as you relax in the tub or get ready for the day. In most cases, as you’ll see in the available properties below, this feature comes in the form of a see-through or double fireplace that is shared with the adjoining bedroom, making it that much more grand.

Feature We Love: Bathroom Fireplace^4305 Livingston Ave., Highland Park

Feature We Love: Bathroom Fireplace^3508 Villanova St., University Park

Feature We Love: Bathroom Fireplace^10 Windsor Ridge, Frisco

Feature We Love: Bathroom Fireplace^6838 Velasco Ave., Dallas

Feature We Love: Bathroom Fireplace^994 Craft Road, Bells


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