Dallas: America's Most Business-Friendly City


Dallas is the most business-friendly city in the United States, according to a just released annual ranking by MarketWatch.com.


From MarketWatch’s story accompanying the just-released list of America’s Most Business Friendly Cities:


“The D-FW area has become a promised land of sorts to which businesses are flocking — and, once there, thriving. Think of just about any U.S. company, and there’s a good chance it’s got operations of some kind in the area.


Some companies seek a geographic advantage by locating facilities in the middle of the country, whether a distribution hub or an entire headquarters. It may be that executives are hankering to save money on taxes or real estate or other business costs. Or perhaps they’re just weary of regulatory trappings elsewhere and long for a meaningful relationship with a business-friendly local government.


It doesn’t matter. They’re getting all that and more. And it’s what led MarketWatch to declare that Dallas-Fort Worth is America’s most business-friendly metro area for 2014.”


MarketWatch’s Top 10


San Francisco


Des Moines


San Jose



Oklahoma City



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