Home Amenities Likely to Grow in Demand


Some amenities that homebuyers now consider “nice-to-have” may soon move into the “must-have” category. Below are three that experts say are likely to grow in demand among home shoppers:


Smart homes – More homes will be controlled via a smart phone or tablet in the coming years. Appliances and home systems can be turned on, off, or programmed via mobile devices. Smart refrigerators are emerging that have built-in apps that can even create grocery shopping lists and smart ovens can be remotely controlled to start dinner or check on the status of what’s cooking.


Stainless-steel alternatives – Stainless-steel appliances have long dominated but some homebuyers are seeking alternatives. White ice and slate are increasingly popular. Slate is being touted as an easy choice to blend in with other black, white, or stainless steel finishes. It can resist fingerprints and washes easily too.


Energy efficiency Many buyers place a premium on finding a home with energy-efficient, cost-effective appliances. Energy Star-qualified appliances use up to 50% less energy than older counterparts. Also gaining popularity are smarter appliances, including dishwashers that can determine the appropriate cycle length and water temperature as well as washers that extract more water from laundry during the spin cycle so the dryer has less to do.


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