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Is your real estate license making money for you? It should! We invite you to join Ebby Referral Associates, a part of the Ebby Alumni Group, Inc. Our referral associates are REALTORS® who have decided to take time out from active real estate sales, or people who hold a real estate license and are engaged in other endeavors.

Here’s how it works: You refer a lead. Ebby Referral will assign your lead to an active agent or to an agent of your choosing anywhere in the U.S. When the sale closes, you earn a commission. The referral agent does not engage in the real estate transaction and must refrain from listing, selling, leasing, managing, counseling, appraising and performing other duties allowed by an active agent.

The referral fee is 25 percent off the top of the total commission on the referred side and as a Referral Associate, you receive 80 percent of that amount. The annual membership fee is $100 and there is a $20 fee to transfer your license from the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC).

As a Referral Associate, you can avoid expenses typically associated with being a full-time agent. You do not have to pay local, state or national real estate dues, nor MLS or E&O fees. However, you must keep your education requirements current and license renewed.

Join Ebby Referral Associates and do your friends and acquaintances a favor by assuring them they will receive the best possible service from the No. 1 independent real estate firm in Texas.

While you are engaged in other activities, you can still use your database and sphere of influence to receive real estate commissions.

The Ebby Referral Associates group is open to anyone holding a Texas real estate license — not just former Ebby associates. Find out how to become a part of our referral team by calling Alice Slaney Davis or by filling out the form below:

  • Alice Slaney Davis, CRB
  • Director
  • 972-980-6671

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