About Me

Gina Wilson epitomizes integrity, energy, hard work and creative service, and brings each of these traits to every detail of a real estate transaction. She has a reputation for possessing an unwavering commitment to providing her clients with extraordinary service. Gina desires to partner with you and your family not only in locating a home, but also in providing the necessary information to meet the needs of each family member. In addition to successful negotiation skills, she believes communication with buyers or sellers is the key to making each transaction seamless.

To her real estate business, Gina brings the expertise and experience she acquired working alongside her husband to build and manage a successful commercial real estate development company. She has also owned several other companies, including an architectural firm, an interior design firm, a construction company, a photography business, a wedding cake business and a retail-clothing store. Each of these businesses provided her with knowledge and experience she now uses to aid clients in making smart home buying and selling decisions. As a result of her homebuilding experience, Gina’s clients receive the added value of identifying design and construction issues when buying, selling, building or remodeling.

Gina lives and works by the principles of honesty, loyalty, and integrity. She loves traveling and spending time with her family. Three grown daughters (and their husbands) and two granddaughters keep life exciting. Gina is a longtime resident of Colleyville and has knowledge of all the surrounding areas as well as Possum Kingdom Lake, where she owned a home for several years.