Janine Lewis

Associate, Ebby Halliday Realtors

About Me

The squeal of delight from a first time home buyer when they know they just got the home they have been dreaming of and that moment when we all just know it’s the right one,” the one”. These are the moments that keep driving me and leaving me hungry for the next. This is my why, this is why I love Real Estate, I get to work with some amazing people, and their dreams become my dreams. A place to be silly, be cozy, be safe, be barefoot, a place to just be... Together we can find your place to be.

I am a Mission Impossible maniac, (yes, I know, just insert nerd emoji here), an HGTV junkie, a Yoga lover, an eternal optimist, a good inspirational book lover, a compulsive neat freak and also annoyingly on time and a little early, a board game aficionado especially involving buying and selling property, an astronomy enthusiast, a comic at heart and a profound devotee of dance. I am also the grand champion Just Dance Video game scoring extraordinaire. Yes, it’s true, I hold the highest scores of my whole clan and it’s a title that I hold dearly. They have started to think that I rigged the games but the truth is I have a choreographic memory. I remember the steps just by hearing the music and routines from dance classes, way back when. But what does this have to do with real estate you ask? Everything! It means I don’t miss a beat! I know every step and I will dance you across the finish line with flawless execution.

I was recently awarded the Ebby Halliday VIP Customer Service Award for Excellence in Customer Service. This is extremely important to me as I measure my successes by my customer’s satisfaction. My business is based on relationships that are built on trust, for some becoming a homeowner is the most important purchase of a lifetime and I am delighted to help navigate the journey.

Whether you are a first time buyer, a seller selling their fifteenth house or someone looking to add investment income to your portfolio, my goal is always the same and that is to elevate your buying and selling experience to a level of excellence.

Relocating? I’ve been there and done that. I know how important the right schools and neighborhood choices are and how you need guidance to find the right fit. Maybe you need more room, more space for the laughter and chaos to gallop from the front door to the back yard or you are craving the urban vibes of the downtown lofts or a place where the warm Texas sunset wraps around your front porch, whatever your dream is, we can dream it together. I look forward to finding out what you are dreaming of and how I can be of service to you. Well, at least until I make my debut on Dancing With The Stars.

  • M.O.M Certified Agent, Military on the Move
  • LSE Certification, Leading RE Service Expert
  • LSS Certification, Leading RE Sales Specialist
  • LMS Certification, Leading RE Marketing Specialist
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