The Recession Is Over In Texas, Says Comerica Bank

A recent report issued by Dallas-based Comerica Bank says that The Lone Star State is one of the first to emerge from the recession that began in late 2007.

The report states that the Texas economy bottomed in September 2009 and began growing, which was five months ahead of the rest of the country. Texas is also expected to benefit more from the national rebound in manufacturing and industrial production because of its large and diverse manufacturing base.

And the low Texas unemployment rate in comparison to other parts of the country is likely to draw more people seeking jobs. Last year alone the Texas population increased by two percent, which is more than twice the national average.

With this great news and the recent report from the Census Bureau annual metropolitan area population estimate, the term “Don’t Mess With Texas” is taking on a whole new meaning. This is great news, ya’ll!

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