56 New Associates Start Ebby School Today

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Every other month, The Ebby Halliday Companies welcome new Associates to the two-week Ebby School, a world-class, results-driven new agent education program at the Ebby Halliday training center.

Today marked the first day of the May class and the 56 new Associates attending will be trained in lead generation, open house techniques, lead conversion, client presentations, business planning, negotiation, marketing, risk management and more.

Led by Debbie Watson, director of career development, new Associates will enjoy presentations from leaders in the industry to better prepare them for a successful career in real estate with the #1 independent residential real estate company in Texas.

A warm welcome to all our new Associates who started class today – you re going to love it and we re so glad to have you at Ebby Halliday!

And if you re interested in a career with Ebby, contact Debbie Watson to set up a confidential interview at 972-980-6610 or debbiewatson@ebby.com.