30 New Associates Graduate Ebby School

The final Ebby School of the year just concluded with all the pomp and circumstance of a true graduation (thank you Debbie, Terry and Tamra).

Today’s 30 graduates celebrated the completion of our two week, results-driven new agent education program which features extensive training on various topics including lead generation, open house techniques, lead conversion, client presentations, business planning, negotiation, marketing, risk management and more.

Congratulations to all of our November 2010 graduates we re so glad to have you at Ebby Halliday!

If you re interested in a career with Ebby, contact Debbie Watson to set up a confidential interview at 972-980-6610 or debbiewatson@ebby.com.

To see more photos from today’s graduation ceremony, visit the Ebby Halliday Facebook Page.