Ebby Halliday Relocation Team Recognized for Excellence

The Ebby Halliday Relocation Team has just received the SIRVA Preferred Broker of the Year award, which was announced at the 2011 Worldwide Employee Relocation Council National Relocation Conference. Of the evelven broker finalists for the prestigious award, SIRVA recognized the Ebby Relocation Team for their excellence in performance, service quality and partnership in 2010.

SIRVA is the world s largest provider of moving and relocation services. This vast Preferred Broker Network (PBN) consists of 300 broker members with 11,000 registered SIRVA Team Agents serving over 160 metropolitan areas throughout the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.

As one of the oldest, most established independent real estate brokers in the country, Ebby Halliday has consistently received top ratings in performance and service quality. Ebby Halliday has also long been a recognized leader in relocation services and is proud to add this most recent award to the list of accolades. Congratulations to the Ebby Relocation Team!

Pictured above is Tracey Gatlin, CRP, Manager of Preferred Broker Network & Home Rental Services for SIRVA Relocation; Martha Marshall, SCRP, SGMS, Senior Vice President & Director of Relocation for Ebby Halliday; and Tina Swenson, CRP, SGMS, Vice President & Director of Corporate Development for Ebby Halliday.