Second Quarter 2011 Breakfast of Champions at Gremillion & Co Fine Art

Each quarter, the top Associates from each Ebby Halliday Family of Companies office for total number of homes sold is invited to a Breakfast of Champions celebration and networking event. This morning, the winning Associates for Second Quarter 2011 were honored at Gremillion & Co. Fine Art, courtesy of Arch Foundation Repair. Speaking of Arch, a special shout out and thank you to the amazing Tamera Gaede!

After browsing beautiful artwork while sipping mimosas, everyone enjoyed company updates from various department heads from the Ebby Halliday Companies corporate office, followed by an overview of the Gremillion. The highlight was a brief talk by artist Ann S. Adams about her work for the upcoming exhibition entitled Streaming. Her works are inspired by the surroundings of her garden:

“Throughout the course of a year, I am fascinated by light as it bounces and dances across the foliage and water in my garden; the environment found throughout my work. Without fail, the garden provides a myriad of opportunities to observe and reflect upon contrasts existing within the textures of layered canopies. It is in the color of the leaves, in combination with the intensity of nearby blooms I encounter my muse and inspiration.” – Ann S. Adams

Quite by coincidence, Ann ended her talk by telling the group she wasn’t just an artist, she’s also an Ebby client. “I bought my home through an Ebby Halliday agent, and I wasn’t your typical client, I think we looked at more than 80 houses! But I love my home and I love my garden, so I am an Ebby Halliday fan!”

To see photos from this morning’s Breakfast of Champions, visit the Ebby Halliday Facebook Page.

And you can see the work of Ann S. Adams at Gremillion Art Gallery during her opening reception on Saturday, September 24 from 5-7pm. For more details, visit