Tips for Selling Your Home in the Winter

Winter Home
The holiday months translate to fast-paced shopping, fast-paced travel and unfortunately some fast-paced eating. The one thing that does seem to slow down during the winter season is the housing market – but you could actually use the holiday season to your advantage and capitalize on having less competition in the market. Here are some helpful tips for selling your home during the winter months from USA Today.

1. Remember the basics.
Maintenance, curb appeal and aggressive pricing are important no matter what season it is.

2. Think warm and cozy.
Use the winter to your advantage and stage your home to convey a cozy environment. Turning up the thermostat and having a fire in the fireplace are simple ways to portray a cozy and inviting home.

3. Neatly shoveled paths make a difference.
Keep sidewalks and driveways free and clear of ice and snow – it s safer and looks better. And if you remember our Snowmageddon 2011, you know that this tip is applicable to us here in North Texas!

4. Good lighting is essential.
The winter season means less daylight. Open blinds, drapes and shutters to let natural light pour in.

5. Tasteful holiday decorations can help.
Make your home stand out with holiday décor. But, keep decorations conservative and don’t overdo it on outdoor lighting.

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