Five Reasons to Buy a Home in 2012

Regardless of the good news the Dallas-Fort Worth housing market receives, purchasing a home is always an intimidating prospect. But, as Zing points out, owning a home is also a part of the American dream. And in 2012, there are more reasons than ever to pursue your dream of being a homeowner. Zing’s top five reasons are:

1. Appreciation

Buying a home at current rates means there’s a good chance your home will go up in value.

2. Property Tax Deductions

Property taxes for a first home are fully deductible.

3. Preferential Tax Treatment

Owning your home for more than a year can lead to preferential tax treatment.

4. Equity Building

Home loans with lower interest rates can help you build equity.

5. Pride

Owning your home can bring you freedom and a sense of pride.

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