Thank you, Mark Cuban

Well, fist pump right back to you Mr. Cuban.

Recent news has warned that Greenville Avenue could be abnormally quiet this March 17th. Usually, it’s a day filled with green beads, green beverages and large crowds as the Greenville Avenue St. Patrick’s Day Parade marches down the famous street. But, this year, the Greenville Avenue St. Patrick’s Day Association found themselves more than $40,000 short of the necessary budget to hold what would be the 33rd Annual Parade.

After some last minute efforts failed to produce the necessary cash, Dallas Maverick’s owner, Mark Cuban stepped in. Stating that he didn’t want to see the parade go away, Cuban pledged the full $40,00 to save the parade, a very last-minute move as the organizers stated they would pull the plug this Friday if they didn’t have the necessary funds.

To read the full version of the story from The Dallas Observer, click here.

Here at Ebby, we’re happy to see the parade will march on – it’s a great Dallas tradition! And if the parade is one of your favorite Dallas activities, but you’d like to avoid the parking headaches, check out our Proximity Search to find a home within walking distance of the exciting event!