Ebby.com s Report Card is In

We mentioned last week that Ebby.com earned the Website Quality Certification from Leading Real Estate Companies of the World. This week the full report arrived and we’re proud to announce that we received a total score of 58 out of 60!

We’re also proud that Ebby.com is regularly recognized with current awards for its outstanding features. A single award is noteworthy, but we believe that online innovation requires constant progress. That’s why we strive year after year to attain current recognition, which indicates our website is meeting the demands of today’s consumer with the most up-to-date technology available. Speaking of, you’ll be seeing some great new features from Ebby.com in the near future – stay tuned.

In the meantime, here are some highlights from Ebby.com’s official report card:


The website is very easy to navigate; we did not encounter any errors. Given the amount of interactive content it did not take long to load. The property search feature is the very first thing that you see and there are multiple ways of approaching your search.


The look of the site is consistent with the Ebby brand; every element looks clean and harmonious. The photography is exceptional, makes every listing look special. There is a ton of community information; even someone with no knowledge of the Dallas area will get a great overview from this site. Beyond the basic community information there was a wealth of “goings on” in the area. This would be very appealing for someone moving from one community to another; doesn’t only market the Ebby brand, but it’s a great sell for Dallas.


As mentioned before, there are multiple ways to approach the home search and they have managed to cover all of them. The mapping feature is exceptional; you can really pinpoint exactly where you want to find a home. As we mentioned several other times, Ebby.com does a good job of remembering people who aren’t familiar with the area. Most impressive was the short video that explained how to use the interactive map, left no room for confusion. There are links to all of the social media sites (even the look of that is integrated nicely into the site). The blog is very good and it is current. There are property alerts and mobile applications available.


Very simple and easy to find contact information and inquire about property listings. Immediately received a phone call to discuss our inquiry further, and also received an email ten minutes after our inquiry submission.