Be a Leap Day Know it All

We can’t let February 29th pass by without acknowledging leap day! After all, it is rooted in history and stories just as our company is. We won’t get another chance to celebrate the day for another four years. So, let’s take some time to go over some of our favorite Leap Day fun facts.

  • The point of leap day is to keep our calendar aligned with nature.
  • Without leap day, annual events would slowly shift season. Eventually we would be celebrating Christmas in July.
  • There are roughly 187,00 leaplings (people with leap day birthdays) in the United States.
  • Four hundred years ago, women weren’t allowed to propose to men…except on leap day. But, if you saw the movie Leap Year, you already knew that.

Click here for more Leap Year facts and stories. And, visit Pegasus News for a list of Dallas restaurants that will be celebrating the “holiday”. Happy Leap Day Everyone!