Of The Day: Dine Under The Perfect Light


There’s no shortage of amazing decor out there these days, contemporary, modern, traditional, retro, you name it. It seems that there’s a never-ending supply of fabulous and surprising new home products to keep us on our toes. On today’s OTD, we’re looking specifically at light fixtures. While doing a little pinning, we began to notice some awesome light fixtures in our homes. Inspired by this, we went on a hunt for dining room and breakfast room light fixtures. What we found was both fun and beautiful. Check it out below!

light fixtures
A. 3517 Chimney Rock Drive, Flower Mound, TX B. 4053 Lomita Lane, Dallas, TX C. 117 Blue Heron Drove, Kemp, TX D. 8209 Gallery Way, McKinney, TX
1. Two-Tier Chandelier 2. Wrought Iron Tiered Chandelier 3. Chrome Multi Light Pendant 4. Bubble Glass Pendant  5. White Flower Pendant 6. Mod Euro White Supernova 7. Cyrus Pendant 8. Chrome Pendant

Pretty great, right? Though these light fixtures aren’t perfect matches (well, #5 might be), they do show some important trends in home decor right now. People are having fun and playing with lighting in a whole new way, and we love it! Thanks for joining us for today’s OTD!