Get the Most Bang for Your Buck

Get the Most Bang for Your Buck

Spring is a great time to begin tackling that home improvement to-do list that you’ve been putting off. Big or small, remodeling projects should always add value to your home, but some will add more value than others. Whether you’re thinking about selling your home or make the upgrades for yourself, take a look at these projects that will add the most value and have the highest ROI (return on investment)!


Front/Entry Door: Replacing your standard door with a steel door will upgrade both curb appeal and energy efficiency year round. They come in many colors and can be painted to your preference. Average ROI: 96.6%


Wood Deck: Adding a wood deck provides a solid foundation for spending more time outdoors. Imagine al fresco dining, relaxing, and entertaining in your own backyard. Average ROI: 87.4%


Siding: If you’re looking to do an exterior upgrade, consider fiber-cement siding. It is resistant to termites, moisture, rot, and fire. Also, when painted, it requires repainting less often than typical siding and exteriors. Average ROI: 87%


Attic: If you have unfinished or unused attic space, the attic can be a perfect place to add a bedroom. An attic conversion allows you to add valuable living space without altering the footprint of your home. Average ROI: 84.3%


Garage Door: Replacing your garage door can do wonders to improve the curb appeal of your home as well as increase your energy efficiency. Average ROI: 82.9%


Kitchen: Upgrading your kitchen cabinets, drawer fronts, appliances, and flooring can all have a major effects on the value of your home. Kitchen remodels have one of the steadiest and highest average returns over the past ten years. Average ROI: 82.7%


Windows: There a many options for replacing your windows, but the best options will bring more energy efficiency to your home and save you money throughout the year on heating and cooling expenses. Average ROI: 74%