18 Ways to Improve Curb Appeal

18 Ways to Improve Curb Appeal

If you’re selling your home or you’re just tired of your home’s first impression, we’ve got a list of 18 cheap ways to improve your curb appeal.


Curb appeal can do a lot to damage a potential buyer’s view of your home. An up kept lawn, broken shutters, or dirty gutters can go a long way to sway a buyer’s outlook. You should know that the outside of your home is assumed to be a reflection of what lays inside.


If you’re not selling, freshening up your curb appeal is a great way to revitalize your pride in your home and fall in love with it all over again. With a little work and some elbow grease your home will be the envy of the neighborhood.


-Wash and repair your windows

-Cut back and maintain the plants around the foundation of your home. Replace them completely if needed

-Update, clean, or repaint any light fixtures on the exterior of your home or in your front yard

-Repair, paint, or buy a new mailbox

-Clean or replace the window treatments inside your home that are visible from the outside

-Repair any path or walkway to your home

-Remove dead plants and/or their dead branches

-Mow, fertilize, and water your lawn

-Power wash exterior features. Use the machine for any path, driveway, or walkway and implement elbow grease for more fragile or painted features

-Get rid of cobwebs around light fixtures, railings, and in ceiling corners

-Add potted plants by the entry or plant rows of flowers along any path or walkway

-Repaint your front door

-Repaint your shutters

-Sweep your porch clear of any leaves or debris

-Don’t use your porch or front yard for storage. Put away all toys, yard equipment, and garbage cans

-Add some seating to your front porch/entry

-If you have a pet, clean up after them in the yard

-Clean your gutters


Most of these things can be done easily by yourself or with help from friends and family, but don’t overextend yourself, hire a professional where needed. You can implement all of these tips or take on just a few, either way you’re sure to notice a beautiful difference in your home’s curb appeal.


Photo: 806 Hillcrest, Southlake