Room Re-Do: White & Stainless Kitchen

There’s no questioning that white cabinetry is all the rage in kitchen design. Right up there with it in popularity are granite countertops and stainless-steel appliances. If you’re looking to change up your kitchen’s look, you may want to consider these growing trends.


To help you get a kitchen with all the latest and greatest products, we’ve scouted out ones similar to those found in the gorgeous, white, open kitchen in our listing at 6910 Blue Mesa Drive in Dallas.

Room Re-Do: White & Stainless Kitchen1. Pendant lighting   2. Dishwasher   3. Microwave   4. Range Hood   5. Tile   6. Faucet   7. Sink   8. Range/Oven   9. Vase   10. Granite   11. Canisters   12. Cabinet Pulls