Prepare Your Outdoor Space for Summer

Prepare Your Outdoor Space for Summer

D-FW warmer weather is here and it’s the perfect time to take advantage of your outdoor space. If you’re the proud owner of a deck or patio, now’s the time to give it that once-a-year clean up. Following the tips below will extend the life of any outdoor surface, concrete patio, wood deck, or stone path. Plus, it will have your space looking great!


1. Sweep It: Before you wash anything with water, use a broom to get rid of all the loose debris. Once things are wet it won’t be so easy.


2. Protect the Plants: If you have any bushes or plants around your space, hose them down before you begin the cleaning process. Nearby plants are likely to get sprays of soap during your clean-up, but you can protect them by wetting them first.


3. Subdue Stubborn Stains: This process is going to be different deepening on the surface you’re scrubbing down. Wood surfaces call for a softer touch while concrete can take a more heavy duty cleaner. Click here for the best options.


4. Mop It Down: Again, the product you use here will differ by material, but it’s best to clean any surface with a wet-mop before you turn to more drastic solutions. Getting your surface wet and sudsy and implementing some elbow grease should always be your first option. When you’re finished, spraying some white vinegar between cracks will discourage the regrowth of weeds.


5. When Pressure is a Problem: Though pressure washing may seem like the easiest and fastest option, it can do damage to your space. Pressure washers can hurt grout between stones and completely disintegrate softer wood. Take caution before you go this route.


Photo: 1214 Tucker St. McKinney