The Londoner: Best Bar in U.S.

The Londoner: Best Bar in the US to watch the World Cup

The FIFA World Cup is in full swing and there’s no better place to watch it than at a bar among other fans. Wait, we meant there’s no better place to watch the World Cup in the entire country than The Londoner in Addison, TX.


Yes, that’s right, The Londoner in Addison was just voted the No. 1 bar in the United States to watch the World Cup by the Travel Channel. That’s a pretty huge thing if you ask us.


Don’t go showing up there if you’re not a serious fan of the game, though. The criteria for the ranking of the top ten bars were: a lively atmosphere, authentic soccer fans, and good beer/cocktails and food.


Here’s what you can expect if you do plan to get in on the action: “Head to The Londoner if you’re looking for an authentic British pub experience. England fans usually frequent the Addison bar, which is also the flagship location for the Dallas-Fort Worth pub chain. All 4 locations will host kick-off parties on June 12 with drink specials like $5 caipirinhas, and plans are already underway to show 48 World Cup games live.”


Congrats to The Londoner! Even though the fans there are typically cheering on England, we know today everyone is all about Team USA!


Images via The Londoner Addison Facebook Page