Feature We Love: Stone Fireplaces

Ok, we know it’s just about 100º outside and cozying up by the fire isn’t exactly on the top of everyone’s list of things to do right now, but we had to acknowledge the gorgeous stone fireplaces we’ve seen in our listings recently. It seems like every other new home that comes on the market has a stunning stone fireplace in it.


Whether it’s just the mantle or a towering two-story feature, stone around a fireplace has a certain soothing and, ironically, cooling feel about it. The smooth texture and variety of ornate designs that it can be made into puts stone in a category of its own.


Even though they’re not always in season, fireplaces of any kind are always a desirable feature in real estate. They create a focal point, an element around which to arrange your furniture, and warmth when it’s cold out. Take a look at the listings around D-FW where we’ve found this fabulous feature.

Feature We Love: Stone Fireplaces^6230 Prestonshire Lane, Dallas 

Feature We Love: Stone Fireplaces^2933 Shenandoah Drive, Frisco

Feature We Love: Stone Fireplaces^6353 Memorial Drive, Frisco

Feature We Love: Stone Fireplaces^1432 Cottonwood Valley Court, Irving

Feature We Love: Stone Fireplaces^6704 Frankford Road, Dallas

Feature We Love: Stone Fireplaces^5829 Red Wolf Lane, Plano

Property photos via ebby.com & Shoot2Sell