7 Organizing Mistakes You Should Avoid

7 Organizing Mistakes You Should Avoid

There are thousands of organizational tips and tricks scattered around the internet today. So, how do you know which of these to follow for the long-term and which are just quick fixes that you’ll end up regretting later? Read our blog, of course. Today, we’re shining light on 7 organizing mistakes to avoid in your home.


1. Plastic Drawers: You know exactly what we’re talking about because you can buy these just about anywhere. They may work for your dorm room, but all these really do is collect junk in a piece of disposable furniture. Take the time to clean them out, dispose of all the extras, and find a permanent place elsewhere for whatever you must keep.


2. Shelves with boxes: This piece of furniture has become popular recently- the one that is perfect cut to fit boxes that hold small items. Again, take a look at your things before you buy boxes to store them in. If it can fit in a box that small, chances are it’s not necessary.


3. Solid Plastic Tubs: It may seem smart to put seasonal items away in tubs that visually hide their contents, but in the end it can waste time. Buy clear plastic tubs so that you can easily identify what’s inside instead of spending the time to open each one.


4. Cleaning Supplies: This tip is especially geared towards those living in multi-storied homes. Don’t keep all your cleaning supplies in one place. Instead, store the heavy-duty cleaners together and divvy up the wipes, disinfectant sprays, etc. in bathrooms and the kitchen where they can be easily accessed for quick cleaning.


5. Static Shelves: Installing immovable shelves or trays in your bathroom or kitchen cabinets is a thing of the past. Treat yourself to sliding ones, which make accessing pots and pans, small appliances, and toiletries so much easier.


6. Covering with Curtains: We all know deep down that it’s a temporary fix to cover cluttered shelves, rooms, or open storage with tacked-up curtains. Weed out the clutter you don’t need and, if necessary, add permanent doors or storage to whatever you’re hiding.


7. Wall Hooks: These are fabulous as a quick place to throw a wet coat or extra scarf, but wall hooks become a problem when they get weighted down by too many items for too long. Having fewer hooks, which will force you to put away excess items, will keep you from leaving your winter scarf hanging out into the summer.