Technology to Save You Time

Our smartphones and tablets play a vital role in our lives, but it’s important to remember to make time for yourself. In our mind, technology should simplify your daily routine and deliver the ultimate luxury: time. Following are a few of our favorite innovations brought to our attention by our friends at Luxury Portfolio International. Each will provide peace of mind while saving you time.



The gold standard of home automation, you name it and the Control4 system does it. Your smartphone or tablet can be used as the command center for the entire home, conveniently integrating lighting, music, home theater, climate and security. Program the perfect “wake-up” setting with your favorite music, followed by a gentle opening of the shades and a brightening of the lights or impress your friends and get the hot tub bubbling with a touch of your smartphone.


Petnet SmartFeeder

Pet owners, you know this one: you’re out having a good time when suddenly it dawns on you that you forgot to feed your furry friend. No need to panic — with the Petnet SmartFeeder all you need is your smartphone to fill Fifi’s bowl wherever you are. Schedule regular feeding times, manage portions and even track your pet’s calorie intake to keep your beloved four legged family member happy and healthy, while giving you one less thing to worry about.



An automatic irrigation system is nice, but does yours know to skip a cycle when it’s been raining all day? Greenbox is an intuitive system that automatically schedules your watering program based on the local weather and can be easily controlled from your phone. Simply connect the valve wires of your existing watering system to the Greenbox and within minutes you’ll be saving water, money and never have to stress over the lawn again.


Goji Smart Lock

You don’t have to be home to know when someone’s knocking on your door. In fact, with the Goji Smart Lock you can instantly receive a picture of whoever is there. Suppose it’s a service professional and you forgot to leave the door unlocked — no problem, Goji can be controlled by your smartphone from anywhere in the world. Set your housekeeper up with scheduled access or lock up and keep your home secure no matter where you are.


In this day and age technology is everywhere and hopefully with these cutting-edge products you can use it to your advantage to find a little more time for you!