Get Your Kitchen Prepped for Back to School

Can you believe summer is almost over and the kids will be returning to school soon? With school days fast-approaching, it’s time to kick your kitchen back into gear. Follow these 8 tips to get back on track and start the school year on the right foot.


1. Snack Station: Long days at school mean hungry kids. Clear out a low pantry shelf, kitchen cabinet, or fridge drawer for quick-grab snack options. Organize with clear boxes or open bins for easy selection.


2. Leave It Out: Out of sight out of mind, right? Make the opposite true by leaving out fresh fruits and veggies for your kids to grab when they get home from school or run out to their next activity.


3. Lunch Load Up: Head to your favorite discount store to stock up on plastic baggies, tupperware, lunch bags, napkins, and anything else you’ll need to make lunches in the upcoming year. Keep all of this in drawers or cabinets that are near each other for faster fixing.


4. Pantry Restock: The routine of weeknight dinners is coming, so get your pantry ready by making sure you’ve got all the essentials. Think grains, condiments, baking staples, soup, and things that can be frozen or stored for a while. If you don’t have time to plan meals every night these items will definitely come in handy.


5. Refresh The Fridge: Take some time to clean out whatever has been pushed to the back over the summer. This way you’ll know what you need for school days and have the space to put it.


6. Color Code: If you’re forever calling your children by their sibling’s names, make things easier on everyone with color coded lunch boxes, tupperware, backpacks etc. This will make mornings a little bit more organized.


7. Wish List: If you need inspiration for lunch and dinner, place a whiteboard or a notepad in the kitchen and invite your family to add their ideas. You can use the same technique for when you run out of grocery items.


8. Get In The Groove: Set aside a time to get the next day’s lunches and dinners ready the night before. A schedule is the best way to ease stress and keep things running smoothly.


Photo via & Shoot2Sell: 7018 Old York Rd., McKinney