9 Ways to Rework Your Kitchen for the Holidays

Expecting family over for the holidays? According to a recent survey by Orbitz, 71 percent of Americans are expected to travel this holiday season, with Dallas ranking No. 9 on the list of top Thanksgiving destinations.


Whether your family books a room at your place or pops in throughout the length of their trip, you want to make sure your kitchen is spot-on, and now is the perfect time to get started. Following are nine fixes for an impressive refresh.


1. New Cabinets

Dated cabinets can serve as the biggest eyesore. Liven yours up by sanding them down, adding fresh paint and then installing snazzy hardware.

3513 Springhouse Way | Celina – Light Farms | $599,999


2. Change Countertops and Sink

Newer countertops prove a stunning look. If those change, consider changing your sink as well. And, if there’s still wiggle room in the budget, look at changing your faucet – it can really complete the new look.

4403 Rawlins Street | Dallas – Perry Heights | $959,500


3. Replace Equipment

If appliances aren’t working properly, it’s obvious they need to be replaced or fixed before family visits. However, if upgrades are on the mind, it’s best to change out the refrigerator first – an appliance that is used daily. Then, match the replacement to existing equipment.

201 Sir Brine Drive | Lewisville – Castle Hills | $408,000


4. Update Backsplash

Subway tile backsplash adds an updated yet classic look. Going for neutral colors adds brightness and leaves room for more versatility.

7306 Mimosa Lane | Dallas – The Meadows | $679,500


5. Improve Lighting

Who wants a dark kitchen? Not your family. Consider purchasing and installing recessed ceiling cans. Although small, they highlight, brighten and add a modern touch.

18007 Old Preston Court | Dallas | $599,000


6. Paint

Probably one of the easiest and least expensive ways to spruce up a room. Neutral shades allow for brightness and more versatility, but soft greens and blues add a nice twist.

520 Laredo Circle | Allen – Twin Creeks | $510,000


7. Flooring

Dated linoleum or vinyl isn’t the most attractive. Opt for real-wood planks, which add a classic addition to any kitchen.

4312 Hyer Street | University Park | $1,195,000


8. Statement Piece

Similar to what it does for fashion, a statement piece serves as an interesting, attractive and relatively eye-catching item that reflects your style. A pot rack can easily be installed by homeowners, adding a big impact for a small price.


5833 Portsmouth Lane | Dallas – Cambridge Place at Preston Trail | $1,095,000


9. Openness

With good reason, the open floor plan trend continues to grow. Overcrowding in the kitchen is the last thing you want. Opt for knocking down a wall, allowing the central hub of your home to be a part of your living and dining areas.

1037 Brigham Drive | Forney – Devonshire | $310,000