Child’s Play: Grand Vie Highlights Kids Rooms

Child's Play: Grand Vie Highlights Kids Rooms


In addition to showcasing the luxury listings of Ebby Halliday Realtors, the spring 2016 issue of Grand Vie: Luxury in Living magazine offers a plethora of interesting editorial content, including “Child’s Play,” featuring advice on designing the ideal bedroom for your child from partner and designer of IBB Design Fine Furnishings Shay Geyer.


“Your child(ren) should absolutely have a say in their room’s design,” says Geyer. “After all, it is their room. You want them to feel connected to and proud of it. I’m not saying they should drive the ship on the decision-making, but let them brainstorm with you on the color palette and functionality.”


While kids often want to highlight a particular theme, Geyer says that can get tricky. “If you choose something associated with a particular TV show or character, chances are your child will tire of it at some point – it’s the nature of growing up,” she says.


Kids rooms offer the perfect opportunity to have fun with bold colors and patterns, Geyer says. Using geometric shapes to paint a large-scale pattern on the bedroom wall provides a bold and impactful design. It also allows for a smooth transition into the older years. If you want to have a theme, consider painting it on a feature wall or using removable wallpaper or decals, which may easily be changed out as your child matures.


“Monogramming pillows and other items can instill pride and ownership for a child in their room,” Geyer says. “It helps define the space as theirs, created just for them. From large wall art and letter lights to embroidered linens and towels, adding their name or initials to a space helps make it their own.”


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Child's Play: Grand Vie Highlights Kids Rooms