Fresh Listing Friday: Fabulous in Frisco

Happy Friday, all! This week’s Fresh Listing Friday is an upgraded home in Frisco’s Plantation Resort community. Situated on a golf course lot near hole number four, 11313 Alexandria Drive offers shiplap accents, recessed lighting, and Romabio BioDomus exterior masonry wash. Watch the video below to see all the custom details and the perfect golf course view this home has to offer.

Need-to-know Details:

• Priced at $389,900
• 2,495 square feet: 4 bedrooms, 2 baths
• Island kitchen with granite countertops and high ceilings
• Ample natural light

Front Exterior  109071473-2068653
Front Entryway
Formal Living Area  109071473-2068703
Formal Dining Area109071473-2068723
Casual Living Area  109071473-2068783 109071473-2068793
Casual Dining Area
109071473-2068823   109071473-2068853
Master Suite109071473-2068973
Laundry Room109071473-2069003
Covered Patio109071473-2069033 109071473-2069043
Rear Exterior 109071473-2069073
Golf Course View

To view this listing, contact The Russell Group at 972-443-1453 or

5 Ways to Increase Your Credit Score

5 Ways to Increase Your Credit Score


When it comes to improving your credit history and score, time is your best friend. If you’re one of the many people who have encountered credit challenges, it’s possible to increase your score and be in good standing again after only a year. Below are some helpful tips to get you started:


Pay Your Bills on Time

While this may seem obvious, many people don’t realize late payments are one of the most common causes for a drop in their credit score. It’s important that at least the minimum payment is made in a timely matter. According to FICO, 96 percent of people with excellent credit scores (those over 800) pay their bills on time. Keep in mind that your payment history is 35 percent of your credit score and that setting up automatic payments for the minimum amounts owed ensures your bills are always on time.


Pay Down Credit Card Debt

Prepare a plan to reduce your total credit card debt and your overall utilization. For example, if you have a $1,000 credit limit on a card, ideally you should maintain a balance of less than $300 and make timely monthly payments on the balance that is above the required monthly minimum payment. Your credit card utilization rate is the second-biggest factor that makes up your credit score at 30 percent. If your credit score is low because of high balances, paying these down is one of the fastest ways to improve your credit score.


Have a minimum of two credit cards and use them every single month, advises Alex Parker, sales manager at Home Team MortgageEbby Halliday Realtors’ affiliated mortgage source. Maintain a balance-to-limit ratio of less than 30 percent (meaning no more than a $300 balance if you have a credit card with a $1,000 limit). Ideally just charge items and pay them off every month to avoid paying interest on a carried balance.


When creditors see that you’re actively using your credit cards but not carrying a high balance on those cards it will reflect very favorably on your credit rating. It shows them you’re using your available credit responsibly and not abusing it. In many cases, this is when you’ll see creditors increase your available balance. This could entice you into making a bigger purchase that you can’t immediately pay off. Avoid this if possible and the increased credit line will help improve your score.


Keep Track of Your Score

Since your credit can affect so many major purchases, it’s wise to make sure the information is correct. There are multiple websites that offer free credit reports. Once you have received your report, check it closely for errors. If you do spot an error, initiate a dispute in order to have it corrected or removed. Repairing incorrect information on your credit report can be a long and tedious process, but it’s well worth it.


Ask Your Credit Card Company to Raise Your Limit

Although it may seem counterproductive to helping your credit score, remember that utilization is a huge factor in your credit score. The lower your utilization rate, the higher your credit score will be. You can typically obtain a higher credit limit simply by calling your credit card company and requesting to raise the limit. The downside of a higher credit limit is the temptation to spend more. Thus, it’s important to remember to keep your balance of each of your revolving credit accounts below 30 percent of their credit limits.


Pay Your Bills with Strategy

If you have multiple cards open with debt attached, find your utilization ratio and pay off a higher amount to the account that has the higher ratio.


For instance:

Account 1: There is $5,000 available credit and you have used $2,000 of the available credit. Divide 2,000 by 5,000 (2,000/5,000) and it equals .4. Move that decimal over two spaces to the right and you have 40 percent of your total available credit being used.


Account 2: There is $2,000 available credit and you have utilized $400 of the available credit. (400/2000) = .2, or 20 percent of your total available credit being used.


As mentioned above, you should only use up to 30 percent of your available credit. In this instance, you would want to pay down Account 1 quicker than you would want Account 2 paid off since Account 1 has a higher percentage, over 30 percent being used. Pay the minimum amount required by your account issuer on Account 2 and put down more into paying down Account 1.


If it’s affordable, paying your credit card bills twice a month can also increase your credit score since the account issuers typically only report your history once a month. This lowers your next reported amount due and can help increase your score quicker.


Considering purchasing a home? Home Team Mortgage Company, Ebby Halliday’s affiliated mortgage company, has a track record of building long-lasting relationships by providing exceptional service with competitive rates. With an office in each Ebby Halliday branch, Home Team Mortgage loan officers offer the convenience of one-stop shopping, coupled with expertise to ensure peace of mind for borrowers and agents alike.


For all your mortgage questions and needs, contact Home Team Mortgage Company.



Grand Vie Puts Spotlight on Luxury Home Market

 Grand Vie Puts Spotlight on Luxury Home Market


The spring 2017 edition of Grand Vie: Luxury in Living magazine recently mailed to homes across the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Grand Vie is the luxury-home publication of Ebby Halliday Realtors and the newest member of the Ebby Halliday Companies, Fort Worth-based Williams Trew Real Estate.


The perfect-bound publication is direct-mailed to approximately 60,000 high-net-worth households in Dallas, Collin, Rockwall and Tarrant counties. Charity and event placement is also a significant part of the Grand Vie distribution strategy – placing luxury homes listed by Ebby Halliday and Williams Trew in front of North Texas’ luxury homebuying audience.


As the magazine’s market update feature, “Spotlight on the Dallas-Fort Worth Luxury Market,” points out, the North Texas region’s substantial economic growth has brought growth in luxury home sales. In the past year, 9 percent more homes priced at $750,000 and above have been purchased than during the prior 12 months, according to North Texas Real Estate Information Systems, Inc. MLS statistics. Luxury home sales are up 4.3 percent in Dallas County, 17.3 percent in Collin County, and 8.2 percent in Tarrant County.


In addition to featuring some of Dallas-Fort Worth’s premier luxury properties, the 22nd edition of Grand Vie offers a plethora of interesting editorial content, including a conversation with Dallas-born and raised fine-art photographer Gray Malin; advice on how to bring spring looks into your home from partner and designer of IBB Design Fine Furnishings Shay Geyer; “Houses of Art,” highlighting some of the area’s top cultural events of the season; LuxeTrends, showcasing a collection of the latest luxury lifestyle must-haves; and real estate insider Candy Evans’ take on the Cultural Capital of Florida: Sarasota.


To view the digital version of Grand Vie, visit


Frisco Festival Offers Food, Fun, Music


Frisco Festival Offers Food, Fun, Music


Whether you consider yourself a food connoisseur who likes taste-testing flavors from other cultures or you prefer a burger and fries, you are sure to find just the right food truck at the Frisco StrEATS Gourmet Food Truck and Music Festival, which takes place Saturday, April 8, from noon to 7 p.m. in downtown Frisco. At Ebby Halliday Realtors, we’re proud to be the title sponsor of this free, fun-filled, family friendly festival, where you’ll enjoy North Texas’ hottest gourmet food trucks, music, shopping and more.


The Frisco StrEATS Gourmet Food Truck and Music Festival is produced by the Frisco Downtown Merchants Association, whose goal is to create and enhance partnerships and programs for Historic Downtown Merchants. For more information, visit

Now Arriving: Grand Vie Luxury in Living


The spring 2017 issue of Dallas-Fort Worth’s premier luxury home magazine, Grand Vie: Luxury in Living, is out and is now being direct-mailed to more than 60,000 luxury homes across Dallas-Fort Worth.


Grand Vie is the luxury home publication of Ebby Halliday Realtors and the newest member of the Ebby Halliday Companies, Fort Worth-based Williams Trew Real Estate. It’s the only magazine that covers the full breadth of the luxury home market in North Texas and includes two beautiful versions: East and West, depending upon which side of the Trinity River you reside.


In addition to featuring some of Dallas-Fort Worth’s premier luxury properties, the 22nd edition of Grand Vie offers a wealth of interesting editorial content, including “Bon Voyage,” a conversation with fine-art photographer and best-selling author Gray Malin and “Spring Renewal,” offering advice on how to bring spring looks into your home from partner and designer of IBB Design Fine Furnishings Shay Geyer. Also included are “Houses of Art,” highlighting some of the area’s top cultural events of the season; LuxeTrends, showcasing a collection of the latest luxury lifestyle must-haves; and real estate insider Candy Evans’ take on the ideal vacation home environment of Sarasota, Florida.


We believe you’re going to love the spring 2017 edition of Grand Vie as much as we loved putting it together for you. See it all now at


Fresh Listing Friday: Cul-de-sac Delight

FLF Logo

Happy Fresh Listing Friday! To kick off the first week of spring, we’ve chosen this custom Prosper home at 1761 Elmhurst Court. Situated on 1 acre, this brick and stone home offers high ceilings, hardwood flooring, and a stone fireplace. Take a virtual tour below and see all the beautiful details this delightful property has to offer.

Need-to-know Details:

• Custom-built, priced at $765,000
• 3,829 square feet: 4 bedrooms, 3.1 baths
• Island kitchen with granite countertops, a warming drawer, and a spacious pantry
• Study with built-ins and French doors

Front Exterior
Front Entryway1761-elmhurst-ct-prosper-tx-High-Res-5
Front Entryway/Exterior of Study
Formal Dining Area
Casual Living Area
Casual Dining Area
Game Room1761-elmhurst-ct-prosper-tx-High-Res-191761-elmhurst-ct-prosper-tx-High-Res-211761-elmhurst-ct-prosper-tx-High-Res-22
Master Suite
Laundry Room
Covered Patio
Rear Exterior

To view this listing, contact Kim Kankel at 214-551-5258 or

Spring Plants for Your Texas Landscape

Spring is in the air, and it’s bringing with it a bright floral forecast.

According to experts at The University of Texas at Austin’s Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, “higher temperatures in January and February pushed some plants to bloom early.” This means spring flowers will be in full force the next few months.

If you’re tired of your landscaping and are itching for a change, or simply hoping to add some springtime cheer to your home, below are some great options for plants that will thrive this season.
1. Bluebonnets – Lupinus Texensis

Selective focus closeup with shallow dof on patch of Texas Bluebonnets (Lupinus texensis) from low angle against blue sky.
The iconic state flower of Texas is a no-brainer for spring landscaping. These beautiful stems feature clusters of up to 50 fragrant blue flowers with a white tip. Bluebonnets are even recognized by pollination ecologists as attracting native Bumble Bee species.
2. Daffodils – Narcissus

Wild DaffodilsThese hardy perennials feature showy yellow flowers with a trumpet-shaped cup. They develop from a bulb and can be expected to bloom early spring. Try planting these cheerful blooms in the sun as a border or between shrubs.
3. Delphinium – Delphinium Carolinianum

Delphinium,Candle Delphinium,many beautiful purple and blue flowers blooming in the garden,English Larkspur,Tall LarkspurThis colorful perennial may be a challenge to grow, but the beautiful spiky blooms are worth the effort. Flowers can be blue, pink, purple, or white, and are perfect for a cottage-style garden. Grow these plants in fertile soil in full sun to light shade.
4. Fuchsia – Fuchsia Magellanica

Fuchsia. Onagraceae Salvia splendens Scarlet sage.The delicate, striking blooms of fuchsia are great to add an exotic aesthetic to any home. Fuchsia grows best hanging in baskets or in any semi-sunny area.
5. Indian Paintbrush – Castilleja Indivisa

Indian Paintbrush (Castilleja miniata) blooming at high elevation
This native Texas plant is a showy annual or biennial that features stems topped with clumps of bright red paintbrush-like spikes. While relatively unpredictable, these flowers are a great pop of color.
6. Iris – Iris Germanica

Photo of purple iris flowers in a summer garden.
This reliable perennial comes in a variety of colors and attracts butterflies and hummingbirds. The tall plants prefer sun, well-drained soil, and a flowerbed to themselves.
7. LinariaLinaria alpina

Linaria can be either hardy annuals or perennials and vary in height from 15 cm to 1.2 m. They have lance shaped leaves and carry flowers that are similar to those of snapdragon. They bloom from the end of spring through to the middle of summer and have flowers of many colors including orange, purple, blue and yellow.These contrasting biennials are great for adding texture to any landscaping. Grow these in a sunny gravel garden, but don’t expect them to survive through a hot and humid Texas summer.
8. Phlox Phlox paniculata

Close-up of Phlox hesperisThese perennials form beautiful clusters of pink or lavender blooms. Plant phlox in moist soil and a sunny area.
9. Primrose – Oenothera speciosa

different colored primrose blooming in springThe small, delicate blooms of primrose range in color and spread extensively in open areas. These flowers require moderate watering and well-drained soils.
10. Tulips – Tulipa

colorful tulip flowers at gardenTulips come in virtually any color, so you can easily find the perfect shade for your landscape. Space each bulb about four to six inches apart and make sure the soil is well-drained, as tulips cannot tolerate excessive moisture.
11. Verbena Verbena

Verbena bonariensis flowerThese tiny little purple blooms form round clusters and can cover large spaces. Plant these perennials in a partly shady area and enjoy the delicate scent they emit.



DSO on the GO Coming to Park Cities April 2

DSO on the GO Coming to Park Cities


For the third year in a row, Ebby Halliday Realtors is sponsoring the full season of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra’s DSO on the GO performance series, which brings the world-renowned orchestra to concert halls and churches across North Texas.


On Sunday, April 2, at 6:30 p.m., the DSO brings the mighty brass and percussion of the orchestra to the Park Cities for a program featuring the music of Percy Grainger. Selections will include “Irish Tune from the Country Derry,” “Molly on the Shore” and “Shepherd’s Hey” arranged for brass ensembles. The performance takes place at Park Cities Baptist Church, 3933 Northwest Highway.


General admission tickets are $19 and student tickets are $9. For tickets and information, visit or call 214-TIX-4DSO.

Fresh Listing Friday: Impeccable in East Dallas

Happy Friday, all! This week’s Fresh Listing Friday is a recently remodeled Tudor-style home situated in East Dallas. The gorgeous residence at 5227 Monticello Avenue offers hardwood flooring, stone-embellished brick, and stained-glass windows. Watch the video below to be transported back to the 1920s at this impeccable property.

Need-to-know Details:

• Gorgeous traditional, priced at $1,015,000
• 3,685 square feet: 4 bedrooms, 3.1 baths
• Custom-built in 2006, remodeled in 2016
• Professionally landscaped backyard with a covered patio, outdoor fireplace, and heated pool

Fresh Listing Friday
Front ExteriorFresh Listing Friday
Front EntrywayFresh Listing Friday
Bonus Living Area Fresh Listing Friday
Formal Dining AreaFresh Listing Friday
Formal Living Area Fresh Listing Friday
Butler’s PantryFresh Listing Friday
Kitchen Fresh Listing Friday
Breakfast NookFresh Listing Friday
Open Kitchen and Casual Living AreaFresh Listing Friday
Fresh Listing Friday
Casual Living Area Fresh Listing FridayFresh Listing Friday Fresh Listing Friday
Master Suite Fresh Listing FridayMaster Closet 
Fresh Listing FridayOfficeFresh Listing Friday
LibraryFresh Listing Friday
Covered PatioFresh Listing Friday Fresh Listing Friday
BackyardFresh Listing Friday
Rear Exterior

To view this listing, contact Peter Loudis at 214-215-4269 or

10 Spa-Worthy Bathtubs Currently on the Market

Have a long week? These bathtubs are calling your name — and yes, they’re all currently on the market!

Bathub5326 Edlen Drive | Preston Hollow | $8,650,000
5242 Buena Vista Drive | Frisco | $2,395,000
6206 Prestonshire Lane | Dallas | $2,100,000
Bathtubs4762 Byron Circle | Irving | $1,950,000

5709 Whitecliff Circle | Plano | $1,395,000
10584 Tobias Lane | Frisco | $1,299,900
5948 Melshire Drive | Dallas | $1,295,000
Bathtubs2626 Welborn | Dallas | $1,245,000
Bathtubs5606 Meletio Lane | Dallas | $1,199,000
5227 Monticello Avenue | Dallas | $1,015,000


To view all of our extraordinary listings, visit the all-new, mobile-friendly