Easy Summer Refreshments


Lemonade pitcher with lemon, mint and ice on garden table. View with copy space
It can be tough to stay hydrated in the Texas heat, but we’re here to help. These easy and refreshing drink recipes are perfect for pool parties, relaxing on the patio, or enjoying with some barbecue.

A pitcher of blackberry iced tea and two glasses sit on a wooden table in the garden. Lemon wedges and fresh blackberries are on the side.
Blackberry Sweet Tea
*1 pinch of baking soda
*4 cups boiling water
*4 tea bags
*2 1/2 cups cold water
*3 cups blackberries, fresh or frozen/thawed
*1 1/4 cups sugar
*1 tablespoon fresh mint, chopped
1. Crush blackberries and sugar together in a large container.
2. Add mint and baking soda; set aside.
3. Drape tea bags over the side of a pitcher; pour boiling water into the pitcher.
4. Steep for 3 minutes; remove and discard tea bags.
5. Combine tea and blackberry mixture; rest for 1 hour.
6. Strain through a mesh sieve.
7. Add cold water and stir.
8. Refrigerate before serving.
Orange iced tea in a glass jar with paper straws on a rustic wooden background.
Citrus Mint Tea

*1 cup white sugar
*1 cup water
*4 black tea bags
* 1/2 cup chopped fresh mint
*2 quarts cold water
*1 cup orange juice
* 6 tablespoons lemon juice
1. Dissolve sugar in boiling water.
2. Add tea bags and mint; steep for 10 minutes.
3. Strain mixture; discard tea bags and wilted mint.
4. Combine tea mixture with cold water, orange juice, and lemon juice.
5. Refrigerate before serving.
Lemonade glass jars with lemon wedges and straws sitting on a wood tabletop
Classic Lemonade
*6 lemons, enough to make 1 cup of juice
*1 cup white sugar
*6 cups cold water
1. Juice the lemons via your preferred method of juicing.
2. Stir together lemon juice, sugar, and water.
3. Serve over ice.
"Closeup and selective focus on a clear mug of ice tea infused with honey, fresh lemon and mint. A small jar of honey and a plate of sliced lemon and mint sit nearby on a lace tablecloth.More tea and lemonade photos:"
Ginger Honey Lemon Iced Tea
*1 4-inch piece of ginger, washed, peeled, and sliced
*1 lemon, juiced and zested
*1/2 cup honey
*6 cups water
*Springs of mint, for garnish
1. Combine ginger, water, and lemon zest in water; bring to a boil.
2. Steep for 30-45 minutes.
3. Strain through a mesh sieve.
4. Add remaining ingredients.
5. Refrigerate before serving.
Two glasses of iced tea with pitcher. Selective focus.

Old Fashioned Sweet Tea

*1 pinch baking soda
*2 cups boiling water
*6 black tea bags
*3/4 cup white sugar
*6 cups cool water
1. Add baking soda to the bottom of a glass pitcher.
2. Place tea bags over the edge, pour boiling water into the pitcher.
3. Steep for 15 minutes; remove and discard tea bags.
4. Add sugar and cool water to the rest of the mixture.
5. Refrigerate before serving.
Fresh Homemade Peach Sweet Tea with Mint
Peach Iced Tea
*1 cup sugar
*9 cup hot water
*2 peaches, sliced
*4 black tea bags
1. Combine, peaches, sugar, and 1 cup of water in a saucepan; bring to a boil until the sugar is dissolved. Crush peaches.
2. Remove from heat; steep for 30 minutes.
3. Brew tea according to directions; remove tea bags and discard.
4. Strain syrup through a mesh sieve.
5. Combine syrup and tea mixture in a large pitcher.
6. Refrigerate before serving.
Summer cool drink, juice of watermelon with space for text
Rosemary Watermelon Lemonade
*2 cups water
*3/4 cups white sugar
*1 sprig rosemary, stripped and chopped
*2 cups lemon juice
*12 cups watermelon
*8 cups ice cubes
*Springs of rosemary, for garnish
1. Dissolve sugar in boiling water; add rosemary, steep for 1 hour.
2. Combine watermelon and lemon juice in a blender; blend until smooth.
3. Strain through a mesh sieve.
4. Refrigerate before serving.
Asian inspired healthy, cold drinks. Iced chai tea with herbs, lime and mint on the left and iced watermelon juice mocktail on the right, garnished with mint and watermelon wedge, served in cocktail glasses with straws.
Watermelon Green Tea
*3 cups green tea
*8 cups watermelon, cubed
*1 tablespoons fresh lemon juice
*1/2 cups seltzer
*Springs of mint, for garnish
1. Combine green tea, watermelon, and lemon juice in a blender; blend until smooth.
2. Strain through a mesh sieve.
3. Refrigerate until cool.
3. Add seltzer