Create the Perfect Home Gym

Home gyms are a great way to motivate you to work out more, as they also allow you to work out in the comfort of your home, on your own time, and with your own routine.
Creating your own gym at home enables you to save time that you would have spent driving to and from the gym, waiting for equipment, and working around your gym’s hours.
For many, it’s an opportunity to stay focused and avoid distraction by other gym-goers. It’s also a chance to save money that you would’ve spent on a gym membership.
Below are some tips on creating your own workout space at home.
First, pick out a space you want to use as your gym. The best spot is usually one where you can escape your everyday distractions and feel relaxed within your space. These can be rooms such as a garage, a basement, or a guest room. Make sure whichever space you choose has a door so your workout won’t get interrupted. Once you know the room size you are working with, you can start picking out items to personalize your gym.
Consider purchasing speakers to block out extra noise and keep you motivated. Speakers with Bluetooth capabilities are ideal if you hope to connect them to a smart device.
This set of Sonos speakers can be used together, or one at a time, and the sound level can fill your entire space.
speakersSpeakers – $398.00 (Set of 2)
Next, invest in multiple full-length mirrors and good lighting. These items will enable you to keep an eye out on your technique and form, and prevent any injuries.
Placing a weight scale in the room is also something to consider if you are trying to lose or monitor your weight.


Scale –$ 22.90
Proper flooring is crucial for any home gym in order to prevent your equipment and floor from being scratched or ruined.  If you don’t have equipment, it will also protect your joints when doing any exercises. If foam flooring is a stretch, be sure to utilize a yoga mat for stretching or any cardio or resistance routines.
Foam – $59.99-399.99 (Depends on Size)
Once you have the basics down, it’s time to start buying equipment. The type of equipment you buy depends on the type of workout you prefer. An assortment of cardio and resistance training equipment will allow you to complete a well-rounded workout.
For resistance training, search for a set of dumbbells in your preferred weight, or opt for an adjustable set.
If you tend to avoid cardio, or only want to do it occasionally, leave space in your home gym for a cardio circuit. Not only will you save money on a treadmill or stationary bike, you will also have the ability to do any type of cardio that does not require big machines (i.e. jumping rope, sprints, etc.). However, if cardio is your workout of choice, you may want to invest in a treadmill or elliptical.
Now that everything is set up, try to consistently keep your space clean and organized. Wipe down any areas after each workout, and reset any equipment.
Those are all our tips for helping you create the perfect home gym! Keep in mind — the best workout for you is the one that motivates you to be healthy and happy.