Kristi Davis Named Sales Manager of Ebby Frisco

Kristi Davis Named Sales Manager of Ebby’s Frisco Office


Ebby Halliday Realtors has appointed Kristi Davis sales manager of its Frisco Office. Mary Frances Burleson, president and chief executive officer of the Ebby Halliday Companies, made the announcement.


“Kristi brings extensive sales and management experience, including recently leading both our Irving/Las Colinas/Coppell and Flower Mound/Lewisville offices, as well as a strong desire to assist our Frisco agents in taking their careers to the next level,” Burleson says. “A recipient of the Easterwood Cup Broker/Manager of the Year Award presented by the MetroTex Association of Realtors, Kristi offers a long history of distinguished service to our industry and community.”


Says Betty Misko, executive vice president and director of sales offices for the Ebby Halliday Companies, “I am confident Kristi’s background will serve her well in our Frisco Office. She has an innate understanding of how agents learn, grow and prosper.”


A Dallas-Fort Worth native, Davis has been in real estate since 2002. Having been a top-producing agent she understands the life of a Realtor, the ebbs and flows of the industry, and the importance of lead generation.


“I love what I do,” Davis says. “I feel blessed to have the privilege and opportunity to manage Ebby’s largest office. I have a firm understanding that it’s not about – and never has been about – who is the office’s manager; rather, it’s about our agents. And, the bottom line is we have the right people in the right place, a remarkable group of agents who are ready to serve our valued clients.”


An enthusiastic, natural leader who holds a Broker’s License and the Certified Real Estate Brokerage Manager Designation, and is widely admired for her ethics and integrity, Davis says she is dedicated to supporting her agents by providing the cutting-edge tools, professional development and one-on-one coaching necessary to help them grow their careers.


Davis has long been active in the North Texas community. She has chaired the MetroTex Leadership Academy and is a board member of the Irving Healthcare Foundation. In her spare time, she enjoys travelling, reading, and spending time with her nephews.


“I am truly excited about my new position as sales manager of Ebby’s Frisco Office,” Davis says. “My door will always be open for our agents and our valued clients will reap the benefits.”


For more information on Ebby’s Frisco Office, visit

Ebby Halliday Companies Set All-Time Sales Record

Ebby Halliday Companies Set All-Time Sales Record


Ebby Halliday Companies’ Associates closed more than $900 million worth of Dallas-Fort Worth and North Texas residential real estate during the month of June, setting an all-time monthly sales record for the company. The Ebby Halliday Companies includes Dallas-based Ebby Halliday Realtors and Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate and Fort Worth-based Williams Trew Real Estate.


Earlier today, President and CEO Mary Frances Burleson, addressed the company’s sales associates via her weekly e-mail communication, “Your professionalism and performance is outstanding. In true Ebby fashion, you clearly provide unsurpassed service to your clients, to your communities and to the real estate industry.


“We are honored to recognize your performance and your contribution to our collective success, Burleson added. “It’s our shared success that perfectly positions the Ebby Halliday Companies and its Associates for continued distinction and growth far into the future.


“I would like to personally thank each and every one of you for your individual achievement and for your invaluable contribution to the Ebby Halliday family of companies.


“Many, many thanks to you all! You are truly the best!”


And many thanks to you Mary Frances. We couldn’t have said it any better!


Fresh Listing Friday: Exceptional Custom

Fresh Listing Friday 960

Happy Friday y’all! This week’s Fresh Listing Friday is an exceptional custom situated in the newest gated development of North Dallas. 6655 Green Knoll Drive offers professional landscaping, hardwood flooring, spacious living areas, a custom fireplace, decorative sconces, and a security system. Take a virtual tour below to see all the beautiful upgrades throughout.

Need-to-know Details:

• Priced at $1,495,000
• 4,161 square feet: 4 bedrooms, 4.2 baths
• A custom iron and glass front door
• Private study with French doors and a beamed ceiling
• Kitchen with Marvel wine cooler and built-in LED lighting
• Master suite with hardwood flooring, a beamed ceiling, and sliding doors to the outdoor patio and fireplace


To view this listing, contact Julie Lewis at 972-897-6506 or

6 Must-See Open Houses this Weekend



If you’re looking for a home in North Texas, you’ve come to the right place! Even if you’re not, these properties are all open to visitors this weekend and may serve as the perfect inspiration for your next home search.

01Colgate7419.jpg7419 Colgate Avenue | Dallas | $1,799,00012477 Shoal Forest Lane12477 Shoal Forest Lane | Frisco – Newman Village | $995,00021 Dunrobin v21 Dunrobin | Garland | $939,0006627 Clubhouse Circle6627 Clubhouse Circle | Dallas | $679,900 609 Jacob Court609 Jacob Court | Keller – Twin Lakes Community | $669,221 1009 Trowbridge Court1009 Trowbridge Court | Keller | $649,900


To see all the wonderful homes open this weekend, visit

The Many Benefits of Home Aquariums

Goldfish in aquarium with green plants


There are many benefits of having an aquarium at home — not only can a fish tank serve as a beautiful liquid display, but it also has many proven emotional and health benefits.


In 2015, researchers from Plymouth University, the University of Exeter, and the National Marine Aquarium came together to study physical and mental responses to fish tanks.


“The team found that viewing aquarium displays led to noticeable reductions in blood pressure and heart rate, and that higher numbers of fish helped to hold people’s attention for longer and improve their moods,” according to University of Exeter’s website.


If you’re in need of a pick-me-up or simply another pet to call your own, consider creating a home aquarium. There are many tanks and décor available at your local pet store that are chic, mature, and perfect for your next fluid work of art.


Haven’t the slightest idea where to start? Read below for some tips.


Photo showing a freshwater tropical fish tank, landscaped with rocks, plastic plants and artificial seaweed / tree coral, resin barnacles and coral sand to appear like a marine aquarium. Pictured swimming in the foreground of the aquarium are various small tropical fish and shrimp, including:


If you have decided to start an aquarium, you must first choose if you want to make it a freshwater or saltwater tank. In general, freshwater aquariums are better for beginners, as maintenance can be less demanding and cheaper than saltwater. In addition, fish can be cheaper and a bit hardier than their saltwater counterparts.


If you’re diligent and have already kept thriving freshwater tanks, you may consider a saltwater environment. The vibrant fish and corals can be your own re-creation of the ocean.


Below are some popular fish options for beginners in each water environment.


960x600 Fish for Beginners


Once you have an idea as to what type of aquatic community you want, you can now choose your tank. The size of the tank depends on the number of fish you want to have together. Be sure not to overcrowd the aquarium, and select your fish wisely.


Number of Fish
It’s hard to keep a healthy aquarium if there are too many fish — ammonia levels can rise to a toxic level and kill your aquatic friends. As a general rule of thumb, try to have a gallon of water for each inch of fish, if not more space.


Type of Fish
It’s important to do ample research before deciding which fish to add to your community. Some species do not get along, and furthermore, some are carnivorous and can eat tank mates. Be sure to check the water requirements for each fish and make sure they align.


Mr. Chow Head Shot 2


Below are common mistakes many people run into when creating a home aquarium:


*Wrong size aquarium
It’s easy to be drawn into purchasing one of the smaller aquarium starter packs available at your local pet store. Depending on the type and number of fish, you may want to opt for a bigger tank. In addition, it’s easier to keep a bigger tank balanced.


*Adding fish too soon
Be patient when setting up your aquarium, and don’t add fish too soon. Doing so will change the balance of the tank and it will need time to readjust before more fish are added.


*Overfeeding the fish
It’s easy to think that fish appear hungry as they swim around, but this is often not the case. Despite what the food packaging says, feeding fish once a day should be enough.


*Not establishing balanced water (or understanding the nitrogen cycle)
Be sure that your water is balanced and de-chlorinated before you add your fish. It’s also important to test your water often and make sure the pH, ammonia, and nitrogen levels are all stable for a few days before making any changes.


*Not changing the water
Changing about 10 to 20 percent of the water each week should be sufficient assuming that your aquarium is fine otherwise. Regular maintenance maintains a healthy, balanced aquarium.


And there you have our tips on how to get your home aquarium started. If you’re excited to begin, check out these chic home aquariums begging to be filled with your favorite fish.




1. Marina 360 Aquarium Kit, 2.65 Gallons – $28.79
2. Aquarium Coffee Table, 25 Gallons – $699.95
3. Fluval Edge Aquarium White 42 LED, 12 Gallons – $194.69
4. Fluval Reef F60 Aquarium Set, 24 Gallons – $613.29
5. Fluval Spec V Aquarium Kit, 5 Gallons – $94.99
6. Fluval Edge Aquarium Black 42 LED, 12 Gallons – $194.69
7. Aquatic Fundamentals Upright Gallon Aquarium Stand – $127.49
8. SeaClear Bowfront Aquarium Combo, 46 Gallons – $379.99
9. Coralife LED Biocube Aquarium LED, 16 Gallons – $224.99


North Texas Luxury Home Sales Grow

North Texas Luxury Home Sales Grow 


The summer 2017 edition of Grand Vie: Luxury in Living magazine recently mailed to homes across the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Grand Vie is the luxury-home publication of Ebby Halliday Realtors and the newest member of the Ebby Halliday Companies, Fort Worth-based Williams Trew Real Estate.


As the magazine’s market update feature, “Spotlight on the Dallas-Fort Worth Luxury Market,” points out, the North Texas region’s substantial economic growth has brought growth in luxury home sales. In the past year, 16.6 percent more homes priced at $800,000 and above have been purchased than during the prior 12 months, according to North Texas Real Estate Information Systems, Inc. MLS statistics. Luxury home sales are up 9.7 percent in Dallas County, 30.8 percent in Collin County, and 27.3 percent in Tarrant County.


In addition to featuring some of Dallas-Fort Worth’s premier luxury properties, the 23rd edition of Grand Vie offers a plethora of interesting editorial content, including “Family Farmhouse,” highlighting a fun design project of partner and designer of IBB Design Fine Furnishings Shay Geyer for a local couple seeking spaces that could grow with their family; “Skewer It,” which invites you to discover the true potential of cooking on a stick; “Houses of Art,” highlighting some of the area’s top cultural events of the season; special sections for farm & ranch and lake properties; and LuxeTrends, showcasing a collection of the latest luxury lifestyle must-haves. Also in the summer issue: Real estate insider Candy Evans finds a summer paradise in Vail, Colorado.


The perfect-bound publication is direct-mailed to approximately 60,000 high-net-worth households in Dallas, Collin, Rockwall and Tarrant counties. Charity and event placement is also a significant part of the Grand Vie distribution strategy – placing luxury homes listed by Ebby Halliday and Williams Trew in front of North Texas’ luxury homebuying audience.



To view the digital version of Grand Vie, visit


4 Questions to Ask While Packing For a Move

By: Aly Finkelstein
Envision your new home after the move. I’m sure the image that comes to mind is serene and clutter-free. You can achieve this goal by putting your stuff into perspective and questioning every item before it’s packed up and hauled to its next home.
To decide which belongings will come with you, ask yourself these four essential questions. Start with the first question and continue down the questions until you have a yes or no answer for every one of your belongings.

1. Will this fit in my new place? When I am working with clients who are getting ready to move, I ask them to show me around their entire home. While we walk, I take detailed notes about the things right off the bat that aren’t going to be moved into the new home. I recommend grabbing a pen and paper and doing the same.
Start with the master bedroom, then the kids’ rooms or extra bedrooms, and then the kitchen, family room, office, basement and so on. It is easier to start with furniture — as the new home tends to dictate which large pieces will come and which will be sold or donated.
2. Do I use it? Think about the use and enjoyment you get from each item. You should be able to very easily say, “Yes, I use it!” about the items you use the most.
*Daily? Typically these include the coffeepot, dishes and clothing. These daily items are essential and will definitely move with you.
*Weekly? Serving pieces and the slow cooker, while not used all the time, see frequent use. If you plan to continue using them on this basis, they can stay.
*Annually? This includes holiday decor and outdoor dishes. I recommend taking this opportunity to get rid of the things you haven’t used in years. If you can’t remember the last time you decorated with the jack-o’-lantern for Halloween, ditch it.
3. Do I love it? Does it have special meaning? Was it from a special friend or relative? Does it evoke a positive memory or hold significant value? If the answer is yes, assemble a moving box, wrap up your items and place them carefully in the box.
Tip: Make sure to label the outside of the box and keep a list of the items inside each box. This will help you locate everything more easily later.
4. Will I miss it? If you didn’t bring it to your new home, would you miss having it in your life? If the answer is yes, pack it.
If the answer is no to this or any of the other questions, don’t take it with you to your new home. Make a box of items that you don’t want and donate it or arrange for a local charity to pick it up.
In my work with my clients, I often find that the act of getting rid of a thing is the most emotional part of the process, and when our work is all said and done, they don’t miss or remember the specific items that were discarded.

Where to start asking questions.
I recommend starting in the kitchen, because the decisions for kitchen items tend to be less emotional and easier to make. For example, do you use your small portable appliances? If the answer is, “Yes, daily,” you don’t have to ask any more questions. Pack it. If you are deciding on a platter that you never use, make your way to the next question until you get your final answer on whether you should keep it or not.
Once you have decided what to bring with you from the kitchen, move on to the bedrooms. I recommend leaving the basement until last. It can be a more difficult space.
Repeatedly ask yourself the questions above about the belongings in each area of your home. Remember, the goal is to move into a serene, clutter-free home!

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Ebby’s New Cedar Creek Lake Office Now Open

Ebby's New Cedar Creek Lake Office Now Open


Ebby Halliday Realtors recently opened a new office to serve the residential real estate needs of the Cedar Creek Lake area, an approximately 1 ½ hour drive from Dallas County. The office is located at 314 W. Main St. in Gun Barrel City, Texas.


“This new, approximately 3,000-square-foot office greatly enhances our ability to serve the needs of the area’s growing number of home buyers and sellers for many more years to come,” says Ron Burgert, chief financial officer of the Ebby Halliday Companies, which includes three real estate brands, as well as core-service companies Texas Premier TitleHome Team Insurance and Home Team Mortgage Company.


Ebby’s Cedar Creek Lake Office is co-managed by respected industry veterans Malinda Brownlee Howell and Ginger Gill and will ultimately be “home” to approximately 20 Cedar Creek Lake-area residential real estate specialists.


“Our location on Main Street features a highly visible location and the latest in technology,” says Howell. “It offers an ideal setting for Associates and clients to meet to discuss residential real estate needs, whether that’s a primary home, a frequently visited second home or an occasional weekend retreat. The lake lifestyle is unique, and whether you are buying or selling, we have found the perfect setting from which to serve the entire Cedar Creek Lake area.”


“We are assisting clients with one of the most significant transactions of their lifetime,” says Gill. “It is important that we utilize all of the resources we have at our disposal so we can provide the absolute best experience for our valued clients.”


Gill adds that Cedar Creek Lake-area sellers who list with Ebby benefit from expanded exposure for their properties. In addition to being listed in the local MLS (NAVICA), Ebby Cedar Creek listings are also in NTREIS, the North Texas MLS. Simply put, Gill says, Ebby’s listings reach more potential buyers – in particular residents of the Dallas-Fort Worth area, who make up the majority of Cedar Creek Lake buyers.


Ebby’s newest office is already “home” to a stellar team of experienced Cedar Creek Lake agents, according to Howell. “Buying or selling a lake home can be complicated,” she says. “We are thrilled to launch our new Cedar Creek Lake Office with experienced local agents dedicated to outstanding service and exceeding clients’ expectations.”


For more information on Ebby’s Cedar Creek Lake Office, contact Howell at 469-429-7404 or or Gill at 214-572-1060 or, or visit


With locations across North Texas, Ebby Halliday is one of the most respected full-service residential real estate firms in the country. The company and its Associates seek every day to elevate the home-buying and selling process into the wonderful life-changing experience it can be. Visit the mobile-friendly

Fresh Listing Friday: Modern Farmhouse

Fresh Listing Friday 960

Happy Friday y’all! This week’s Fresh Listing Friday is a modern farmhouse situated in Frisco’s Canals at Grand Park community. 7650 Cassion Drive offers a two-story entryway, an open staircase, and vaulted ceilings. Take a virtual tour below to see all the beautiful upgrades throughout.

Need-to-know Details:

• Priced at $850,000
• 4,984 square feet: 5 bedrooms, 4.1 baths
• Island kitchen with quartz countertops, six-burner gas range, and butler’s pantry
• Master suite with sitting area and back patio access
• Master bath with walk-in shower and closet

135170803-2802413 135170803-2802423 135170803-2802433 135170803-2802443 135170803-2802453 135170803-2802463 135170803-2802473 135170803-2802483 135170803-2802493 135170803-2802513 135170803-2802523 135170803-2802533 135170803-2802543 135170803-2802563 135170803-2802573 135170803-2802583 135170803-2802603 135170803-2802623 135170803-2802633 135170803-2802643 135170803-2802683135170803-2802703 135170803-2802723 135170803-2802733135170803-2802753

To view this listing, contact The Eddleman Group at 214-797-7971 or 214-502-6785 or