New Year, New (Home) Resolutions

Golden numbers 2018 on old wood and defocused christmas lights. Great christmas and new year background for your design.

The new year always serves as a catalyst for personal resolutions and goals: be healthy, save money, volunteer, get organized, etc. Essentially, the same objectives could be set for your home.


We’ve transformed Time magazine’s Top Ten Commonly Broken New Year’s Resolutions into the top list of what the resolute homeowner should accomplish in 2018 and beyond.


Don’t worry, you’ve got this!


1. Cut Your Energy Use (lose weight)
2. Purify Indoor Air (quit smoking)
3. Budget for Improvements (get out of debt)
4. Educate Yourself on Home Finances (learn something new)
5. De-clutter (get organized)
6. Support Your Community (volunteer)
7. Slash Your Water Use (drink less)
8. Share Home Improvement Projects (spend more time with the family)
9. Exercise Your DIY Skills (get fit)
10. Use Maintenance-Free Materials (be less stressed)


Happy New Year!