8 Ultra-Chic Bookends

Come wintertime, we often find ourselves curling under a blanket with a good book. A bookshelf can be both functional and stylish with just the right additions. Here are a few chic bookends that can add a touch of personality (and organization) to your space.

WEB_COR_Alison Book End Blog1. Elephant Bookends – $78.99
These white resin bookends are perfect for elephant lovers, or simply adding some charm to your bookshelf. The bottom is lined to protect furniture, and these will match both rustic and modern décor.
2. Sapphire Agate Bookends – $99.95
Made of natural agate, these one-of-a-kind bookends are semi-translucent and striking. Add them to a shelf that begs for a pop of color.
3. Cubed Bookends – $49.95
Keep your library organized and add contemporary flair with these geometric bookends. Made from white wood and gold metal cubes, these are sleek and are perfect for chic décor.
4. Live Edge Wood Bookends – $19.99
Bring a hint of nature indoors with these live-edge wood bookends. Sold individually, the rustic bookends look great alone, or as a pair.
5. Coral Bookends – $39.99
Give a nod to the beach with these faux coral bookends. Placed on clear acrylic bases, these bookends are a great way to add a fresh, bright element to a stack of books.
6. Pig Bookends – $227.70
These quirky pig bookends are made of silver-finished pigs on black marble plinth. They come in gold, too!
7. Acropolis Bookends – $49.99
These gold-foiled marble bookends are a beautiful blend of natural stone with luxe gold edges.
8. Hand Bookends – $25.99
Draw attention to your bookcase with these conversational hand bookends. They also come in white and silver.