9 Ways to Have Fun on a Rainy Day

A little boy looking downwards behind a rain-streaked window while his mother sits in the background


When North Texas weather is gloomy, it presents the perfect time to stay inside. Here are nine ways to tackle boredom and make the most of your rainy day at home.


1. Must-See Movies
Cross movies off your “must-see” list on a rainy day. Bonus points if you make popcorn!


2. Make a Fort
Move some furniture and get creative, draping sheets and blankets across to build a cozy fort in the comfort of your own home. Add some pillows and snuggly blankets on the inside and you have the ideal place to hide from a rainy day.


3. Cook or Bake
Try out a new cookie or cupcake recipe, or put on a yummy soup or stew. Your home will be filled with the delightful aromas of whatever you create!


4. Cool Crafts
If you know the upcoming weather forecast is less than ideal, prepare in advance by gathering materials together for the craft or DIY project you’ve been meaning to try.


5. Play Some Games
Pull out some of your favorite board or card games to keep the whole family entertained. Hide-and-seek or a scavenger hunt are also options for some old-fashioned fun.


6. Spa Day
Give yourself an ultimate spa day and feel refreshed — even if it is gloomy outside. Some self-care favorites include lighting candles and taking a bath, putting on a face mask and painting your nails or massaging lotion onto your feet and slipping on fuzzy socks until all the moisture is absorbed.


7. Organize Your Life
Channel your inner Marie Kondo and get ahead on a slow day by tidying a room or tackling some of those to-dos. From organizing your closet or family recipes to finally putting those old photos in an album, there are plenty of tasks perfect for when it’s raining outside.


8. Plan a Vacation
Stuck inside all day? Plan that vacation you’ve always wanted to take. Think: somewhere warm and tropical.


9. Read a Book
With life’s daily commitments, it can be difficult to make progress on your latest good read. Take advantage of a less-than-sunny day and finish that book you’ve had on your nightstand for ages.