At Home With Cary Deuber



We caught up with Dallasite (and beloved cast member of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Dallas) Cary Deuber to get the details about her favorite room at home: her closet.


That’s right, Ms. Bradshaw isn’t the only famous Carrie with a swoon-worthy closet. The stunning, impeccably lit space is both roomy and intimate, filled with gorgeous gowns, fabulous frocks, shelves of Birkins and, of course, walls of designer shoes.




She gave us the scoop on her favorite features and a peek into her routine in this extraordinary spot of her home on Strait Lane.

Grand Vie: What was your previous closet space like in comparison?  

Cary Deuber: Tiny! The closet was really the only space in our home that was just not adequate. We added about 800 square feet to the closet itself.




GV: We know from Instagram that you love your shoe shelves. Is that your favorite feature of the closet? What else can you not live without? 

CD:   I love my shoe shelves! They make my life easier because I can actually see all of my shoes, which is half the battle. Out of sight, out of mind! Also, the clear top drawers on the akume island let me see all my accessories.




GV: Describe your daily routine in the space.  

CD: I typically hang what I am going to wear the next day on the valet pulls in my closet. I am not a morning person and prefer to pick out my outfits the night before, especially if it is going to be an early morning!




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