How to Create a Greener Home

Color photo of a beautiful modern kitchen.

There are many different ways to go green at home. Even if you do just one or two of the below five things, you can make a big difference for our environment — and you’ll see the results on your bills.


Monitor your temperature

Nearly half of a home’s energy usage goes toward heating and cooling. Keep filters clean, consider a new/more efficient furnace, and make good use of ceiling fans.


Upgrade outdated appliances

It’s estimated that almost 20 percent of the typical home’s energy bill can be attributed to appliance use. By upgrading to newer appliances, you’ll consume significantly less energy.


Save water

Putting an aerator on faucets can cut your annual consumption by half. Consider installing low-flow toilets, which use just over half the normal amount per flush.


Let the sun shine

The cheapest and most environmentally sound heat and light source is just outside your window. Open blinds, drapes, and shutters to let solar energy warm and brighten your home naturally.


Use greener cleaners

There’s an abundance of green cleaning products available these days. A simple online search will reveal which products are gentler to the environment than others.

12 Must-See Open Houses This Weekend

If you’re in the market for a home in North Texas, you’ve come to the right place. Enjoy your weekend with Ebby Halliday Realtors at these exceptional properties.


1_5813 BOSTON

5813 Boston Lane | McKinney | $2,299,000



6539 Waggoner Drive | Preston Hollow | $1,499,000



4515 Briar Oaks Circle | Far North Dallas | $950,000



4101 Vistaview Court | Arlington | $950,000



5916 Newgate Lane | Plano | $924,976



109 Falcon Point Drive | Heath | $899,000



857 Palmflower Avenue | Frisco | $799,000



3663 Briar Tree Lane | Frisco | $790,000


9_3726 WYCLIFF

3726 Wycliff Avenue | Oak Lawn | $580,000



732 Nighthawk Drive | Murphy | $485,000



307 S. Clark Street | Rockwall | $399,750



9519 Springwater Drive | Linwood Park | $350,000


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Tips for Flawless Outdoor Entertaining

Candle and string lights outdoor dinner


Summer will be here before we know it, which means longer nights and warmer weather. What better way to spend a summer day with family and friends than at an outdoor gathering? If you’re hoping to host a backyard soirée, here are some tips that will help things run smoothly.


Prepare your yard

Tidy up your yard before hosting guests. Mow the grass and pick up any tools, hoses or toys.


Choose the right seating

Patio furniture with thick, comfy cushions are the best option for homeowners who frequent their outdoor space. When hosting a gathering, make sure you have enough seating. Benches and tree stumps are a casual, rustic way to add seating to your outdoor space. Make sure all the seating is clean of debris before your guests arrive.


Keep guests comfortable

Guests will be more inclined to stay for the duration of the party if they are comfortable. Have ample shade coverage and consider running a fan near the dining area to keep guests cool. You may also want to set out a basket with warm-weather essentials for guests to grab — think sunscreen, insect repellent, handheld fans and iced spray bottles.


Plan a simple menu

Opt for recipes that can be prepared in advance and will withstand crowds and heat. Fresh grilled vegetables, pasta salads and guacamole are all popular (and colorful!) choices.


Add lighting

Outdoor globe lights, lanterns and LED candles are all great options for setting a relaxed summer atmosphere. Setting out candles with an open flame is a bit riskier — instead, use hurricane lanterns or jars to shield the flames.


Play relaxed tunes

Set the right tone with a playlist that is easy and laid-back. You don’t want to overpower any conversations among guests. Create a long enough playlist to avoid repeating songs too many times while guests are there.


Display fresh cuts

Use flowers and foliage from your own yard as centerpieces. Arrange your fresh cuts in jars or buckets and set them out to brighten up your display.


Offer activities

Providing lawn games like cornhole or croquet will keep your guests occupied and happy. Use butcher paper as a tablecloth and set out crayons for creative people of all ages.


Keep pests away

Be sure to protect food with mesh food coverings and light citronella candles to keep bugs away. Eliminate any standing water in gutters or the bottom of flowerpots to keep mosquitoes from breeding there. Offer guests bug wipes and insect repellent.


Create a beverage station

Make sure your guests are hydrated by preparing a beverage bar or cart stocked with the essentials. Include straws and plenty of ice.


Opt for melamine

Melamine is an affordable and durable option for outdoor dinnerware. Using the break-resistant plastic will help you reduce waste and also keep the area clear of lingering paper cups and plates.


Visit to view all of the extraordinary outdoor patios on the market that are begging to have you as a host.

Team-Building Event Fosters Connections, Collaboration

Team-Building Event Fosters Connections, Collaboration


Members of the Ebby Halliday Companies leadership team recently gathered for a fun – and productive – team-building event.


Held at PINSTACK in Plano, the event was divided into two halves: an interactive session that addressed such topics as, “How can we better support our sales associates?” and “How can we better communicate as an organization?” The collaborative environment produced answers that leadership throughout the organization can implement to create a more successful and creative workplace for all members of the Ebby Halliday Companies.


The second half of the event – bowling as team members – provided the opportunity to meet people from throughout the company one might not ordinarily interact with while performing their day-to-day job duties. It was a great opportunity to create genuine connections and lay the foundation for an even brighter future for everyone fortunate enough to be associated with the Ebby Halliday Companies.


The Ebby Halliday Companies include real estate brands Ebby Halliday Realtors, Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate and Williams Trew and affiliated core-service companies Home Team Mortgage, Home Team Insurance and Texas Premier Title.



Team-Building Event Fosters Connections, Collaboration


Team-Building Event Fosters Connections, Collaboration

Team-Building Event Fosters Connections, Collaboration

Team-Building Event Fosters Connections, Collaboration

Team-Building Event Fosters Connections, Collaboration

Team-Building Event Fosters Connections, Collaboration

Team-Building Event Fosters Connections, Collaboration

Team-Building Event Fosters Connections, Collaboration

Six Fresh Laundry Rooms

White laundry room


Laundry may not be glamorous, but everyone has it. Make the task less of a chore with a fabulous laundry room.


When designing a home, a laundry room can be a much-needed luxury, especially for larger families. Counter and hanging space is recommended for folding and drying clothes, and an ample storage area works best for those bulky detergent boxes.


To make even more use of the space, why not add a workspace in the room for a secluded office? Or place your laundry room within the closet?


Whatever the use of your laundry room, make sure it’s just as stylish as it is functional. Here are six pristine examples from our listings.


1_king fisher

2221 King Fisher Drive | Westlake | $3,250,000



913 Suffolk Court | Southlake | $1,399,000



1205 Serenity Lane | McKinney | $1,150,000



4579 Princess Caroline Court | Frisco | $959,000



2825 Veranda Lane | Southlake | $769,900



5842 Mercedes Avenue | Lower Greenville | $675,000


For more laundry room inspiration, read about some of our favorite eco-friendly laundry accessories.


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12 Must-See Open Houses This Weekend

If you’re in the market for a home in North Texas, you’ve come to the right place. Enjoy your weekend with Ebby Halliday Realtors at these exceptional properties.


1_2404 GLADE

2404 Glade Road | Colleyville | $2,950,000



6515 Pemberton Drive | Preston Hollow | $1,950,000


3_7809 HANOVER

7809 Hanover Street | Caruth Hills | $1,549,000



5880 Versailles Avenue | Frisco | $1,500,000


5_3016 SHELTON

3016 Shelton Way | Plano | $1,070,000



5003 Copperhill Circle | Parker | $825,000



3830 Whitehall Drive | North Dallas | $799,900


8_2825 VERANDA

2825 Veranda Lane | Southlake | $769,900



7305 Marigold Drive | Irving | $675,000


10_6723 TRAMMEL

6723 Trammel Drive | Northeast Dallas | $584,900



1508 Foxborough Lane | Plano | $410,000



918 Dunbarton Drive | Richardson | $374,900


To view all the wonderful homes open this weekend and discover dates and times, visit

HomeServices of America Named Country’s Largest Real Estate Company



HomeServices Named Country’s Largest Real Estate Company


The Ebby Halliday Companies are now part of the country’s largest residential real estate brokerage. Our parent company, HomeServices of America, a Berkshire Hathaway affiliate, has earned the title of the country’s largest residential brokerage in the newly released REAL TRENDS 500. The Ebby Halliday Companies include Dallas-based Ebby Halliday Realtors and Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate and Fort Worth-based Williams Trew.


In 2018, HomeServices’ sales associates closed 346,629 residential transactions reflecting a 5.6 percent increase over 2017. The REAL TRENDS ranking is based on 2018 closed transaction sides for the country’s top 500 brokerages.


“2018 was a year of incredible growth and strategic expansion and we couldn’t be more proud that we have achieved this No. 1 industry ranking,” said Ron Peltier, executive chairman of HomeServices. “This milestone is a testament to the commitment and hard work of thousands of employees and tens of thousands of talented agents and sales managers across HomeServices who deliver an exceptional real estate experience to their buyers and sellers.”


Added Chris Kelly, president and CEO of the Ebby Halliday Companies, “We are honored and proud to be part of the nation’s premier residential real estate brokerage, HomeServices of America. Ebby Halliday Companies agents and clients enjoy many advantages that are a direct result of our affiliation with the nation’s largest homeownership services company. Each and every day, our sales associates and employees put our valued clients first, ensuring the Ebby Halliday Companies remain No.  1 in North Texas and throughout our great state.”


In addition to the brokerage services offered by Ebby Halliday Realtors, Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate and Williams Trew, Ebby Halliday’s affiliated companies include Home Team Mortgage, Home Team Insurance and Texas Premier Title, offering buying and selling clients a convenient, one-stop residential real estate experience.


In addition to HomeServices being named No. 1 and the Ebby Halliday Companies’ status as the No. 1 residential real estate brokerage in Texas, Berkshire Hathaway was recently named the No. 3 most-admired company in the world by Fortune. It’s truly a great time to be part of the Ebby Halliday Family of Companies!


To view the complete list of REAL TRENDS rankings, click here.

Make A High-Impact Design Statement With Houseplants



Your living environment can impact your health, happiness and quality of life. Houseplants add to your health and wellbeing, as well as enhance overall aesthetic, improve indoor air quality and humidity, and reduce stress while promoting focus.



Bonsai can be difficult to care for, but make a bold décor statement. Their artful, winding forms add new areas of interest to a thoughtfully designed living space.


Chinese Evergreen

Chinese evergreen produces tropical foliage and even tolerates poor lighting, dry air and drought. It grows best at room temperature, making it an ideal choice for living room décor.


Fruit Tree

Several types of fruits can be grown and harvested indoors, including figs, lemons, limes, avocados and bananas. A number of dwarf plants can survive and thrive in a large pot in a well-lit spot in your living room.


Parlor Palm

Parlor palm is designed to be grown indoors and survive well under low light and poor growing conditions. It purifies the air and adds a vintage touch to any setting.



Small but striking, succulents come in all varieties of shapes, colors and sizes. Succulents are low-maintenance and work well in any home setting.

Betsy Cameron Named Sales Leader of Ebby’s Little White House

Betsy Cameron Named Sales Leader of Ebby's Little White House


Ebby Halliday Realtors has appointed Betsy Cameron sales manager of its Ebby’s Little White House office. Chris Kelly, president and chief executive officer, recently made the announcement.


“A fourth-generation Dallasite with 15 years of real estate experience, Betsy brings proven leadership skills and industry expertise to our iconic Little White House Office at the corner of Northwest Highway and Preston Road,” Kelly says. “A natural teacher and mentor who has led other well-known local sales offices, we are very pleased that she has chosen to grow her real estate career with the Ebby Halliday Companies.”


Cameron is passionate about the residential real estate business and the professional relationships that she is privileged to enjoy.


“I am very relationship-driven,” Cameron says. “Relationships are at the heart of real estate, and I am excited about supporting and serving our Little White House agents. The most important thing for me is to understand how each operates so I can better serve them.”


She adds, “My leadership style is, ‘What can I do to help you?’ I want to help agents with networking and ensure that we all enjoy a culture that is collaborative.”


As a licensed real estate agent, Cameron became a trusted advisor for clients. She comes by her real estate savvy naturally as the daughter of Janis Wells, who has been in the business for many years. As a successful multimillion-dollar team, Betsy and Janis served clients ranging from families looking for their first and second homes, to out-of-state executives moving into the area.


As a sales leader, Cameron is a natural teacher and mentor. “I love to listen and understand how agents work and help them take their business to the next level,” Cameron says.


After graduating from the University of Mississippi with a bachelor’s degree in Special Education and prior to entering the real estate profession, Betsy taught at her alma mater, Highland Park High School.


Betsy is married to Brad Cameron and is the mother of two sons, one a student at Ole Miss and one at Highland Park High School. She is very involved with Dallas CASA, serving as anadvocate for the best interests of abused and neglected children.


“I am truly excited about my move to Ebby Halliday Realtors and the future of Ebby’s Little White House Office,” Cameron says. “My door will always be open for my agents, and our valued clients will reap the benefits.”


For more information on Betsy Cameron and Ebby’s Little White House office, visit

10 Must-See Open Houses This Weekend

If you’re in the market for a home in North Texas, you’ve come to the right place. Enjoy your weekend with Ebby Halliday Realtors at these exceptional properties.



5300 Deloache Avenue | Old Preston Hollow | $3,900,000


2_5614 DEL ROY

5614 Del Roy Drive | North Dallas | $1,675,000



1204 Trail Ridge Drive | McKinney | $1,050,000



5311 Channelbrook Court | Far North Dallas | $989,000



1925 Broken Lance Lane | Rockwall | $739,900


6_6046 LLANO

6046 Llano AvenueLower Greenville | $699,000



208 Fall Creek Drive | Richardson | $535,000


8_5816 GALLANT

5816 Gallant Fox Lane | Plano | $524,900



1302 Creekwood Drive | Garland | $475,000


10_126 MAPLES

126 Maples Trail | Mabank | $380,000


To view all the wonderful homes open this weekend and discover dates and times, visit