Tips for Picking the Perfect Paint

Sophisticated pastel bedroom interior


If you’ve ever had to pick a paint color, you know one thing to be true – the options are endless. Choosing the right color can be an overwhelming task, but it doesn’t have to be. Follow these 10 tips to take on the paint aisle with confidence.


Bring inspiration – Take along an existing pillow, piece of fabric or photo of your space. This will help you make more informed decisions.


The right light – Make sure to view your paint or paint chips in natural light to ensure you’re seeing the color correctly. Paint looks different under artificial light, so try holding the chip near a window or painting a sample on your wall first.


Take home testers – All major paint retailers now sell paint in small, tester sizes. These are perfect to take home and try out before committing to a full gallon of paint. The small amount will provide enough paint to give you an idea of what it would really be like to live with the color.


Try multiple shades – If you’re having trouble choosing, buy multiple testers and paint side-by-side squares on your walls. Live with them for a few days to see how the colors look morning, noon and night. Make sure to mark them with identifiers so you’ll remember which ones you liked best.


Choose your drama – Take a look at the color wheel for inspiration. Colors close together will make a room calm while those farther apart add drama.


Do what you love – Start with a color you love, even if it’s not popular at the moment. Doing this assures you’ll love the color for years to come. Just remember, your favorite color comes in a range of hues.


Lighten up – If you’re afraid a hue may be too dark, ask the mixer to do a 50 percent tint of the color to lighten it up. Custom colors can also give a room a designer look, but make sure to jot down the specifics of your color for future touch-ups.


Room to room – If you have rooms that are open to one another, avoid choosing radically different colors, which will make the spaces feel chopped up and small.


Go bold – Small rooms that are not visited often, like a library or half-bath, can be done in stronger colors that make a statement.


Spraying vs. rolling – Rolling may be the most popular choice, but it’s also the most time consuming and requires touch-ups more often. On the other hand, spraying results in a more high-end, professional look that cuts painting time in half. You can rent high-volume, low-pressure sprayers at most home-improvement stores. With both options, make sure you properly cover the areas you don’t want painted.

10 Must-See Open Houses This Weekend

If you’re in the market for a home in North Texas, you’ve come to the right place. Enjoy your weekend with Ebby Halliday Realtors at these exceptional properties.



3120 Purdue Avenue | University Park | $1,799,000



6114 Norway RoadPreston Hollow | $1,425,000



6102 Glendora AvenuePreston Hollow | $1,299,000



5668 Fairfax Drive | Frisco | $1,180,000



1410 Claire Lane | Allen | $869,800



7710 Pennyburn Drive | Far North Dallas | $725,000



15058 Maroon Bells Lane | Frisco | $669,900



815 Cedar Street | McKinney | $565,000



3530 Snidow Drive | Plano | $479,950



1908 Van Landingham Drive | McKinney | $362,900


To view all the wonderful homes open this weekend and discover dates and times, visit

Kelly Marcontell Shares Expertise at Luxury Portfolio SUMMIT

Kelly Marcontell Shares Expertise at Luxury Portfolio SUMMIT


It’s an exciting time in luxury real estate, as evidenced by the lively discussion at the recent invitation-only Luxury Portfolio Agent SUMMIT in Las Vegas. A panel of some of the country’s top agents, including Kelly Marcontell of Ebby’s Southlake Office, delivered real-time insights from the field and explored the consumer trends that savvy professionals must understand to set themselves apart.


An accomplished luxury real estate professional with 25 years of experience and over $500 million in sales, Kelly has a passion for providing extraordinary service to her valued clients. A longtime top agent, Kelly joined Ebby Halliday Realtors in 2015 and has consistently been ranked among the 1,800-member firm’s Top Producers, including being named the No. 1 team of two lead agents companywide.


 Kelly Marcontell Shares Expertise at Luxury Portfolio SUMMIT


Luxury Portfolio International is the Ebby Halliday Companies’ partner in marketing luxury properties, offering each extensive national and international exposure. Its website,, is one of the most-visited luxury home sites in the world.


The more than 200 firms that comprise Luxury Portfolio International are some of the most powerful brokerages worldwide. This prestigious network represents more $1 million-plus properties than any other luxury real estate network and provides strong connections to well-respected firms worldwide. Simply put, at Ebby Halliday, we’re ideally positioned to assist with your next luxury home sale or purchase.


Learn more about Luxury Portfolio International and explore some of the world’s most-exceptional properties currently for sale at Learn more about Ebby Halliday Realtors, its agents and all of the properties for sale in North Texas at the award-winning




Anthony Jackson Named Vice President of Finance

Anthony Jackson Named Vice President of Finance


The Ebby Halliday Companies has named Anthony Jackson vice president of finance. Chris Kelly, president and chief executive officer, recently made the announcement. The Ebby Halliday Companies includes Dallas-based Ebby Halliday Realtors and Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate and Fort Worth-based Williams Trew, as well as affiliated core-service companies Home Team Mortgage, Home Team Insurance and Texas Premier Title.


“Anthony brings a thorough understanding of accounting and all aspects of real estate,” says Kelly. “We couldn’t be more pleased that he has chosen to grow his career with us as we grow the Ebby Halliday brands together.”


Jackson joins the Ebby Halliday Companies from Guarantee Real Estate in Fresno, Calif., where he most recently served as vice president of finance. Born and raised in Sacramento, he graduated from California State University, Fresno with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, with an option in Accounting.


Jackson started working at Guarantee Real Estate as a college student, and his entire career, which has included a variety of professional positions, has been in the real estate business.


While he is a strong believer in technology, he is, at heart, a people person.


“I value people and relationships,” Jackson says. “You have to put people first but you can leverage technology and processes to add more value.”


Jackson says he has been fortunate to have been exposed to the accounting operations of several HomeServices of America companies, including Ebby Halliday.


“I understand that, at HomeServices, we are not cookie-cutter companies,” Jackson says. “Having had the opportunity to visit multiple HSoA companies has given me great insight that will help us move forward with our systems and processes.”


As someone who appreciates an active, balanced lifestyle, Jackson has several personal interests he pursues in his spare time. Among those are fishing, skiing, and spending time with family and friends.


“I am truly excited to join the Ebby Halliday Companies,” Jackson says. “I’m looking forward to continuing to build on the extraordinary success of one of the nation’s most-admired full-service residential real estate brokerages and working alongside Chief Financial Officer Ron Burgert and his accomplished team.”


10 Must-See Open Houses This Weekend

If you’re in the market for a home in North Texas, you’ve come to the right place. Enjoy your weekend with Ebby Halliday Realtors at these exceptional properties.


1 club oaks

5805 Club Oaks PlazaBent Tree | $2,500,000


2 Memorial

6440 Memorial Drive | Frisco | $1,899,000


3 green knoll

 6655 Green Knoll Drive | North Dallas | $1,495,000


4 Spanky

17110 Spanky Place | Far North Dallas | $989,000


5 meadowlark

240 Meadowlark Drive | Richardson | $699,000


7 rock daisy

9161 Rock Daisy Court | Lake Highlands | $649,990



7036 Portobello Drive | Plano | $589,900


8 arbor

4128 Arbor Avenue | Celina | $519,000


9 lomo alto

4212 Lomo Alto Drive, No. 203 | Highland Park | $499,900


10 timberline

1008 Timberline Lane | Allen | $339,900


To view all the wonderful homes open this weekend and discover dates and times, visit

4 Weeknight Meal Planning Tips

Cook taking ready chicken from the oven


“What’s for dinner?” It’s everyone’s favorite question on a Monday evening.


Planning your meals ahead of time can help make weeknights run more smoothly. Follow these four tips to make all your weeknight meals a breeze.


Plan Ahead

Avoid last-minute trips to the grocery store and stick to a schedule by planning your meals in advance. Consider making one night a week a “clean out the fridge” night, and do your best to eat any leftovers or use items that are nearing the end of their shelf life.


Use Your Leftovers

If you don’t want to eat your leftovers exactly as they are, do your best to repurpose them into new dishes. Yesterday’s roasted chicken can be tomorrow’s chicken tortilla soup. Leftover sautéed vegetables become a breakfast frittata. That stale bread will make perfect breadcrumbs.


Prep Ingredients

If assembling or heating up a meal is all you have time for, consider preparing in advance. In fact, some recipes taste better the second day! Freeze leftover soups, stews and sauces to take out and defrost at a later date. If your goal is to stay away from the freezer, then simply chop or marinate everything the night before or in the morning, and you’re already on your way to a faster meal.


Get Your Groceries Delivered

Don’t have time to get groceries? Check with your local grocer to see if they offer a delivery service. Or choose another delivery service like Instacart or Amazon Fresh.


Happy weeknight meal planning!

9 Ways to Have Fun on a Rainy Day

A little boy looking downwards behind a rain-streaked window while his mother sits in the background


When North Texas weather is gloomy, it presents the perfect time to stay inside. Here are nine ways to tackle boredom and make the most of your rainy day at home.


1. Must-See Movies
Cross movies off your “must-see” list on a rainy day. Bonus points if you make popcorn!


2. Make a Fort
Move some furniture and get creative, draping sheets and blankets across to build a cozy fort in the comfort of your own home. Add some pillows and snuggly blankets on the inside and you have the ideal place to hide from a rainy day.


3. Cook or Bake
Try out a new cookie or cupcake recipe, or put on a yummy soup or stew. Your home will be filled with the delightful aromas of whatever you create!


4. Cool Crafts
If you know the upcoming weather forecast is less than ideal, prepare in advance by gathering materials together for the craft or DIY project you’ve been meaning to try.


5. Play Some Games
Pull out some of your favorite board or card games to keep the whole family entertained. Hide-and-seek or a scavenger hunt are also options for some old-fashioned fun.


6. Spa Day
Give yourself an ultimate spa day and feel refreshed — even if it is gloomy outside. Some self-care favorites include lighting candles and taking a bath, putting on a face mask and painting your nails or massaging lotion onto your feet and slipping on fuzzy socks until all the moisture is absorbed.


7. Organize Your Life
Channel your inner Marie Kondo and get ahead on a slow day by tidying a room or tackling some of those to-dos. From organizing your closet or family recipes to finally putting those old photos in an album, there are plenty of tasks perfect for when it’s raining outside.


8. Plan a Vacation
Stuck inside all day? Plan that vacation you’ve always wanted to take. Think: somewhere warm and tropical.


9. Read a Book
With life’s daily commitments, it can be difficult to make progress on your latest good read. Take advantage of a less-than-sunny day and finish that book you’ve had on your nightstand for ages.


10 Must-See Open Houses This Weekend

If you’re in the market for a home in North Texas, you’ve come to the right place. Enjoy your weekend with Ebby Halliday Realtors at these exceptional properties.



5300 Deloache AvenueOld Preston Hollow | $3,900,000


2 Club Oaks

5805 Club Oaks PlazaBent Tree | $2,500,000


3 Strathmore

1214 Strathmore Drive | Southlake | $1,349,900


4 Lavendale

7615 Lavendale Avenue | North Dallas | $1,299,900


5 Cheswick

6704 Cheswick Court | Parker | $895,000


6 Crooked

1131 Crooked Stick Drive | Prosper | $839,900


7 Ardsley

8401 Ardsley Place | McKinney | $675,000


8 Saint Anne

6803 Saint Anne Street | Far North Dallas | $539,900


9 Shadow

901 Shadow Ridge | Highland Village | $492,900


10 Vaughan

1624 Vaughan CourtKessler | $439,900


To view all the wonderful homes open this weekend and discover dates and times, visit

Kitchens Worth Crushing On

Dinner reservations are often one of the best parts of Valentine’s Day, but cooking at home with your honey can be even sweeter.


Not only are these seven kitchens worth crushing on, they’ll have you wanting to stay in for a romantic meal.


1_Willow B

2104 Willow Bend Drive | Plano | $5,999,000



2221 King Fisher Drive | Westlake | $3,250,000



6243 Forest Lane | North Dallas | $2,345,000



2222 Cedar Elm Terrace | Westlake | $1,949,900


5_Sea Side

537 Sea Side Lane | McKinney | $1,795,000



1607 Dowling Drive | Irving | $995,000



1315 Lincoln Court | Allen | $860,000


To view all of our extraordinary listings, visit the mobile-friendly