Feature We Love: Dual Vanities

Getting ready in the morning is enough of a task without the added annoyance of constantly running into someone else in the bathroom. That’s why today’s Feature We Love is double vanities. Just a little bit of distance and a sink all to yourself can change your daily routine in a major way.


Below, check out the many ways you can design this feature in order to get some personal space.


Feature We Love: Dual Vanities^4818 Irvin Simmons, Dallas

Feature We Love: Dual Vanities^5684 Montreaux Drive, Frisco

Feature We Love: Dual Vanities^2171 Hogan Drive, Irving

Feature We Love: Dual Vanities^9226 Hathaway Street, Dallas

Feature We Love: Dual Vanities^6820 Southridge Drive, Dallas


Feature We Love: Vessel Sink

One of the hottest and most fun bathroom design features today is the vessel sink. It’s a unique and beautiful spin on the traditional sunken sink, and it’s just one more way to show your individual personality through the design of your home.


These sinks come in all types of materials, colors, shapes and sizes. To give you an idea of what’s out there, and how popular this trend is, take a look at the homes we currently have listed that have vessel sinks of their own. 


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Feature We Love: Vessel Sink^7341 Heathermore Drive, Dallas

Feature We Love: Vessel SinkFeature We Love: Vessel Sink^9011 Westglen Drive, Dallas

Feature We Love: Vessel Sink^4411 Gilbert Ave. 5A, Dallas

Feature We Love: Vessel Sink^5818 E University Blvd. 239A, Dallas

Feature We Love: Vessel SinkFeature We Love: Vessel Sink^6206 Monticello Ave., Dallas



10 Ways to Visually Expand A Small Bathroom

10 Ways to Visually Expand A Small Bathroom

Today we stumbled on a great article about how to make a small bathroom look and feel bigger. These 10 simple tips will alleviate some of the cramped feeling that comes along with a small bathroom without forcing you to remodel or take drastic steps. Check out the abbreviated list below, and click here for a more detailed explantation.


1. Keep everything the same tone/color/value: For example, don’t have dark walls and light tile, this will chop up the space visually and make it seem smaller.


2. Paint the ceiling the color of the walls: Painting everything a unifying color will make any unusual shapes disappear and will expand the space visually.


3. Blend the tile color and wall color: Linking the two visually doubles your space


4. Take the tile in the shower up to the ceiling. Fewer transitions and less contrast mean a more expansive feel.


5. Watch your transitions: The more you can bleed material from one area to the next without stopping and starting it, the cleaner and less busy the space will appear.


6. Use clear glass in your shower: Textured glass can make a space feel like is has an extra wall and can block light.


7. Go big on the mirrors: Nothing makes a bathroom feel grander than a mirror that reaches to the ceiling.


8. Go for plenty of natural light: Natural light is always desirable, so don’t block it out. Nothing beats walking into a bathroom in the morning and having the sunshine greet you.


9. Use mirrors strategically: Mirrors are only as good as what they reflect, so placing them across from windows will make it seem like you have double the natural light and window space.


10. Recess our cabinetry and shelving into the walls: If you have a linen cabinet that protrudes into the space, try to bury it in the wall instead. Likewise, recessed shelving in the shower stall also creates more covert storage.


Photo: 9618 Athlone Drive, Dallas

4 Ways To Do Dual Vanities

You know what they always say, two is better than one. This common rule of thumb applies especially well when it comes to sharing a bathroom.  If you’ve ever shared a bathroom with one sink, you know the frustrations that come along with it. If you’ve ever shared a bathroom with someone who loves their products, you also know the frustrations of shared counter space. How do you remedy this situation? Two words- dual vanities.


Dual vanities allow you to spread out and have a space all your own in your bathroom. Forget little spats about toothpaste being left out, products spilling, and water splashed everywhere. If you share a bathroom and dream of a life with dual vanities, take a look at some of the wonderful options we have on the market below.


4 Way To Do Dual Vanities^3809 Long Meadow Drive, Flower Mound

4 Way To Do Dual Vanities^905 Tranquility Drive, Fairview

4 Way To Do Dual Vanities^3101 Briarwood Blvd., Arlington

4 Way To Do Dual Vanities^6703 Chevy Chase, Dallas


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