10 Tubs We Love

Every day is the perfect day to go home, relax, and take a hot bath. The best part is, these days your bath tub choices are pretty much endless. From jetted to standalone to deep soaker tubs, there is no bad way to wash the stress away.


Take a look at how bathrooms across DFW are stepping up their game in the bath tub department.

10 Tubs We Love

^48 Oak Hill Circle, Brownwood10 Tubs We Love

^3141 Brookhollow Circle, Prosper10 Tubs We Love

^4915 Cherokee Trail, Dallas10 Tubs We Love

^732 Lexington Ave., Coppell10 Tubs We Love

^12317 Montego Plaza, Dallas10 Tubs We Love

^6205 Del Norte Lane, Dallas10 Tubs We Love

^610 Madison St., Coppell10 Tubs We Love

^1326 Sandy Creek Drive, Allen10 Tubs We Love

^1315 Sunset Ridge Circle, Cedar Hill10 Tubs We Love^4021 Winsor Drive, Farmers Branch


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Feature We Love: Soaker Tub

There’s a lot to be said for a well-drawn bath. A hot bath is the perfect way to get a break from reality and relax after a long day. Not all baths are created equal, though, which is why today’s Feature We Love is all about soaker tubs.


A soaker tub provides the best way to wash away your troubles because it is literally made for just that. Characterized by deeper basins, and jets if you’re lucky, spa-like tubs like ones below are the ultimate bathroom feature.

Feature We Love: Soaker Tub^1210 N. Winnetka Ave., Dallas

Feature We Love: Soaker Tub^3612 Villanova, University Park

Feature We Love: Soaker Tub^5843 Prospect Ave., Dallas

Feature We Love: Soaker Tub^4818 Irvin Simmons Drive, Dallas

Feature We Love: Soaker Tub^14884 Maroon Bells, Frisco

Feature We Love: Soaker Tub^48 Oak Hill Circle, Brownwood

Feature We Love: Soaker Tub^10427 Lennox Lane, Dallas


Feature We Love: Neutral Bathroom

While it may seem safe, it’s a bold decision to choose to decorate a space completely in neutrals. A neutral color pallet suggests cleanliness and a sense of order, which has an especially big impact in bathrooms.


While there are many merits to colorful spaces, a crisp bathroom done out in a simple color scheme feels soothing and spacious. Implementing this design technique creates a spa-like feel that will be a refreshing way to wake up for years to come.


Not convinced? Just check out the examples below.

Feature We Love: Neutral Bathroom^9403 Thornberry Lane, Dallas

Feature We Love: Neutral Bathroom^9609 Vista Oaks Drive, Dallas

Feature We Love: Neutral Bathroom^3115 Mahanna St. #1, Dallas

Feature We Love: Neutral Bathroom^8139 San Leandro, Dallas

Feature We Love: Neutral Bathroom^6230 Prestonshire Lane, Dallas


4 Ways To Do Dual Vanities

You know what they always say, two is better than one. This common rule of thumb applies especially well when it comes to sharing a bathroom.  If you’ve ever shared a bathroom with one sink, you know the frustrations that come along with it. If you’ve ever shared a bathroom with someone who loves their products, you also know the frustrations of shared counter space. How do you remedy this situation? Two words- dual vanities.


Dual vanities allow you to spread out and have a space all your own in your bathroom. Forget little spats about toothpaste being left out, products spilling, and water splashed everywhere. If you share a bathroom and dream of a life with dual vanities, take a look at some of the wonderful options we have on the market below.


4 Way To Do Dual Vanities^3809 Long Meadow Drive, Flower Mound

4 Way To Do Dual Vanities^905 Tranquility Drive, Fairview

4 Way To Do Dual Vanities^3101 Briarwood Blvd., Arlington

4 Way To Do Dual Vanities^6703 Chevy Chase, Dallas


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