Dallas’ Newest Exercise Trend

Buzz Bike Dallas



Ok, full discretion, this post might not be everyone’s thing, but we think the idea is pretty creative. If you’re a little adventurous, like to be outside, and enjoy a drink or two, you might just love this post. The Buzz Bike, already established in Houston, Austin, and Fort Worth, is a 16-person, pedal-powered, boozy, mobile pub vehicle that’s now roaming the streets of  Dallas. We first heard about it via this D Magazine post.


The concept is pretty simple and sounds great for a beautiful weekend day. You can either charter a private route with the Buzz Bike or join in on the fun with other local bike and booze enthusiasts. There are 10 pedal seats on the exterior and six bench spots on the interior of this crazy new vehicle, with one seat reserved for the bartender. You’re invited to bring your own beer and wine, and there’s a keg tap as well. You can booze and bike your way through Dallas on one of four routes- Uptown, Victory Plaza, the Arts District, and Downtown.


To sum it up in the words of Buzz Bike,”The Buzz Bike provides an eco-friendly way for groups of adults to ride through town, while enjoying the beverage of their choice.” For all the details, click here.